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Dyna Coils. 35,000 volt! Works with all points ignitions, after-
market or factory electronic ignitions. Note: 32-7792 is electron-
ic, 32-7793 is for points ignition.
VT No. #
Volt Ohm Dyna Type
12V 3 DC-1 Angle, Dual Pair
6V 1 1/2 DC-2 Angle, Dual Pair
Use 2 for dual plug heads
12V 3 DC-6 Stock, Dual Each
12V 5 DC-7 Stock, Dual Each
12V 3 DC-3 Angle, Single Pair
12V 5 DC-8 Angle, Dual Pair
12V 5 DC-10-1 Angle, Single Pair
*Note: Use 2 for single fire ignition.
Dyna Twin Fire
Ignition Coils are
designed to work
with Dyna 2000
HD-I ignition mod-
ules. Twin fire coils
are slightly larger than stock coils, fit the stock mounting brack-
et. Twin fire coils can be used with any electric advance ignition
system that incorporates dwell control, except Dyna DS6-2 or
similar type ignitions.
VT No. Dyna Ohms/Type
32-9285 DC6-5 3 (A)Twin Fire II Miniature Dual Output
Towers, Replaces DC6-3
32-9264 DC6-4 3 (B) Four output towers
Fits Dual Spark Plug
D y na A ppl i c at io n
D C 6 -5 Al l F XR -FX S T a nd D y na m o de l s
D C 6 -4 D u al Sp a rk Pl u g H e a d Ap p li ca t io n
Dyna 0.5 Ohms Miniature Coils for
TC-88. These coils are designed for
use with Dyna TC-88 series ignitions
and should not be used with Dyna S
Ignition Systems. TC-88 mini-coils
feature dual or single output towers,
.5 ohms primary resistance, measure
4.2" x 2.3" x 1.6", mounting centers of 2.9" minimum to 3.5" max
and black housing.
VT No.
Output Type U/M
32-9341 Dual
Pair DC11-1
32-9342 Dual
Each DC11-2
32-9343 Single
Pair DC12-1
32-9344 Single
Each DC12-2
45 KV Coil Kit includes coil
and cover. To mount on
stock ST 1984-99.
VT No. 32-0749
Single Fire: Just the spark plug for the piston that is in its compression stroke
will be fired. The other piston, being in its overlap position will not be ignited.
Dual Fire: Both spark plugs are fired simultaneously at the time only one piston
is in its compression stroke.This is the way the stock motor works.
Single Plug: One spark plug in each head. Total of 2 spark plugs in one engine.
Dual Plug: Two spark plugs in each head. Total of 4 spark plugs in one engine.
Crane Coils are available in high intensity for single or dual fire,
mounts to stock brackets.
VT No. Crane No. # Type
32-9224 8-3001
A Single Fire
32-9241 8-3005
D Single Fire
32-9225 8-3002
B Dual Fire
32-3006 8-3006
C Dual Fire
Chrome Coil Covers fit single fire coils, in stock location.
42-0486 31761-98 1984-98 FXD
42-0487 31762-98A1984-99 ST
V-T Angle Coil Sets are 3 Ohm Type.
VT No. Fire
32-0484 Single
32-0589 Dual
Twin Tec 3 Ohm Single Fire Mini
Coil Kit features compact design
2.4" x 2.3" x 1.6" (not including ter-
minals and tower) and is compati-
ble with most single fire ignition
systems. Kit includes two coils, uni-
versal wire set and terminal ends.
VT No. 32-1015
V-Te c h
Single Fire Coil gives 1 spark for each cylinder as
fired and will mount to stock bracket and accept stock coil
VT No. Finish U/M
32-0467 Black
32-0474 Chrome Each
32-0484 Purple Pair