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Chrome Stock
Coil bolts original
brackets. Fits 1984-
89. Replaces
VT No. 32-0512
Volt Tech Molded Coil features black late
shape with bobbin type windings.
Year Type
32-0511 31614-83 1983-99 Black
32-0509 31655-99 2000-06 (OE)
32-0743 31655-99 2000-06 (VT)
32-0812 31743-01 2000-06 (VT) EFI
32-0585 31656-07 2007-up (VT)EFI
12-0586 7638
Coil Stud Nut
Accel H.V. Super
Coil. High perform-
ance bolt on for elec-
tronic ignition sys-
tems. High-tech mold-
ing for exact fit on
1965-99. 2.3 ohms.
VT No. Type
32-7772 Yellow
32-7801 Chrome
Andrews Coils for
electronic ignition
systems. The coil
produce more volt-
age than stock coils.
1985-99, 2.8 ohms.
VT No. 32-0712
Blue Streak 45,000
Volt Coil provide
more spark and
energy than stock
coil and the higher
voltage eliminates
spark deterioration
at peak RPM.
VT No. Years Type
32-0171 1980-99 Electronic 2.7
Single Fire V-
Tech Hi Output
Coil features 45
kv with 1 spark for
each cylinder as
fired and will
mount to stock
bracket and
accept stock
VT No. 32-0747
80 KV Coil mounts
to stock locations.
VT No. 32-0095
Accel High Energy Coil
is a very high KV energy
output requires that it be
used with our extreme
service 8.8mm
silicone racing wires.
Each coil is complete with
two 8.8mm wire leads
and appropriate chrome
VT No. Item
32-0132 Kit 1965-87
32-7536 Wires only
1986-99 ST Weld On
Coil Mount. OE style
mount will mount coil
and cover. Order mount
strip separately.
VT No. Item
51-0551 Mount
31-0639 Nut Strip
Dual Coil/Dual Plug
Mount System
includes all hardware,
billet machined
brackets and a
chrome cover to
mount Dyna style
angle dual or single
lead coil. 1990-99
VT No. 42-0737
Relocation Bracket is con-
structed of stainless steel.
VT No. 31-0725
Coil Mounts
Billet Dual Coil Brackets available in black steel or black
anodized billet aluminum, mounts 2 Dyna coils VT No.ís 32-
7789, 32-7790, 32-8055 or 32-8066. Fits 1990-up FXDG.
VT No. 31-0464
Accel Single Fire
Super Coil features
ultra fast coil rise
time with voltage
output 45% higher
than stock and 3.0
ohms of primary
resistance. Mounts
to stock coil bracket and fits under stock
coil covers. Fits all Twins except TC-88.
VT No. Type
32-0090 Yellow
32-7802 Chrome
1. 12 volt wire from ignition switch is con-
nected to center post along with red wire
from ignition.
2. Connect the black wire to outer post fro
front cylinder.
3. Connect the white wire to other outer
post for rear cylinder.
Coil Bracket fits touring model, 2002-up.
VT No. 31-0841
Accel Coils