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Coil Covers
Chrome Teardrop Coil Covers for FXST with late molded
VT No. Fits
42-9949 1984-99 FXST-FLST
Coil Cover & Speed Nut for Big Twins.
VT No. Years
37-1956 1985-99, Screw only
12-0555 Nut only, 8115B
Chrome Coil Covers.
VT No. Style Year
42-0415 Smooth 1965-99 BT
42-0417 Louvered 1965-99 BT
42-5523 Skull 1965-99 BT
42-1030 Flame 1965-99 BT
42-0445 Smooth 2000-06 ST
42-1015 Smooth 2007-up ST
42-0215 Finned Pan Type, 1965-99 BT
42-0416 Smooth 1983-94 FXR
42-0446 Smooth 1999-up FXD
1983-99 XL-FL Full
Chrome Coil
VT No.
Coil Cover for TC-88 features open face design.
VT No. Year Type Type
42-0540 2000-up ST Carb
1999-05 FXD
42-9992 2001-up ST EFI
2004-up FXD EFI
Chrome Finned Coil Cover fits coils on top motor mount, as
on FXR or custom applications.
VT No. 42-0962
Chrome Teardrop
Coil Cover fits top
motor mounts with 2
holes such as 31-
0664. Includes key
switch hole.
VT No. 42-0926
Chrome Coil Covers fit single
fire coils, in stock location.
42-0486 31761-98 84-98 FXD
42-0487 31762-98A84-99 Ev ST
Stainless Coil Side
Panels attach to 1985-
99 coils.
VT No. 42-0039
42-9949 installed