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1984-99 FXST-FLST Chrome Mounts.
VT No. Item
31-0219 Mount Set
31-0459 Mount Block
BT Top Mounts
Chrome 1993-99 FLT-FXST/D Choke
Cable mount replaces 69126-92.
VT No. 31-0557
Chrome 1992-99
Mount Kit 3 piece
set includes choke
VT No. 31-0560
Chrome Motor Mount to Cylinder Head Bolt Set
features countersunk allen bolts and washers for
1993-up BT.
VT No. 9967-4
Rear Motor Mount Adapter allows
installation of TC-88 engine in Evo style
frames 1984-99. Frame may require fur-
ther modification for clearance.
VT No. 51-0625
2000-up Chrome Top Motor
Mount Kit includes cross & top
bracket and hardware for ST and
FLT carb models.
VT No. Item
31-0678 Bracket Set Only
Chrome Motor Mount Set fits
BT Evo 1984-99 is a 2 piece
design and features tab to
mount coil.
VT No. Type Note
31-0657 2 pc Stock
31-1265 2 pc Heavy
31-1266 Angle
Chrome Top Motor Mount with Integral Coil Mount provides
a coil mounting that is up and behind the normal top motor
mount. Mounts coil between cylinders for use with coils with
central terminals such as 32-0747 spacing required for proper
installation. Mounts a style of coil as shown. For Twin Cam and
most Evo coil applications, spacing maybe be required. Use
cover 42-0962.
VT No. For Motors
31-0747 80-100"
31-0746 101" and up
32-0747 Coil
31-0747 without coil
Steel Top Mounts
Chrome Big Twin Top Motor Mounts replace the stock type.
VT No. Year
31-0119 1984-89 FXR
31-0118 1984-90 FXST
12-1188 1984-99 Studs
Chrome Heavy Duty Two Piece Top Motor Mounts are con-
structed of
" thick steel. FXST-FXR models include horn and
choke mount. Mounts have provision to direct mount 2 bolt igni-
tion coils.
VT No. Fits
31-0212 1984-99 FXST-FLST
31-0453 1984-94 FXR
*Note: Fits Shovel or Pan motor in Evo Style Frame