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Pipe Baffles fit inside straight pipes, sold in pairs. Note: Baffle
size denotes size of pipe into which it fits.
VT No. # Size Length
30-0101 A 1 1/2" 4"
30-0102 A 1 3/4" 4"
30-0216 B 1 3/4" 8"
30-0372 C 2 1/4" 6"
Pipe Baffles sold
each. Note: Fits
Cycle Shack SS
pipes, size 2 3/8".
VT No. 30-0104
Blunder Buss Pipe Baffle is full 12" long steel, pair. Note:
Baffle size denotes size of pipe into which it fits.
VT No. Size
30-3180 1 3/4"
Performance Rings fit into
2.25" drag pipes to create back
VT No. 30-0050
2 1/4 Torque Tube Set will fit
into ID of straight pipes,
unique shape will compress
exhaust gases for more
sound and less noise with
added power. One 1/4" hole
is required for mounting.
VT No. 30-0618
Torque Tube Set. 4 Piece
Set allows variation of air
flow for
2 1/4" pipes.
VT No. 30-0617
Power Spiral Baffles feature the latest designs in exhaust
baffle concepts. The minimum restrictive properties of the
inverted cone allow for more power and yet reduce decibel
number to acceptable levels. Forward mount ring at tip allow
mounting of various size discs to produce required back pres-
sure on specific applications. Flexible design allows installa-
tion into turn out ends.
Fits: 8"
Disc Set
1 3/4" 30-0993
2 1/4" 30-0988
• Easy Installation
• Forward Mount
• Burn Out Proof
• No Rattles
Torque Tube Set features improved baffling and back pressure
for FX, XL and FXD Screamin’ Eagle Muffler sets.
VT No. 30-0619
Snuff or Not Set includes 2 tubes to
fit 2.25" OD drag pipes and 2 snuffer
screws which act to dampen sound
and add back pressure as desired.
Installation consists of drilling 2 1/4"
mount holes in each pipe. One hole
is for mounting and the other hole is
for the snuffer screws, use nut inside,
and nyloc nut outside to lock screw in
desired position.
VT No. 30-0980