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Bassani Power Curve Chrome True-Dual Crossover Header
Pipes feature proper port angle and matched length rear head-
pipe design that produces even performance from each cylinder
system. Accepts any 1995-07 FLT muffler and includes three
custom fit heatshields (re-use two existing heat shields). Order
muffers separately.
VT No. Fits
30-1544 2007-up FLT, FLH
30-1545 1986-06 FLT, FLH
30-0422 Mufflers
Cycle Shack FLT 2" OD Dresser Duallies that feature a
stepped header pipe that exit on each side of the bike and offer
increased flow and performance for large displacement motors.
Eliminates OE rear cylinder Y-Pipe. Fits 2007-up models. Order
muffler separately.
VT No. Item
29-0195 Header Set
30-3377 ôSS" Style Muffler
30-3378 Straight Cut Muffler
Bub 7 Chrome True Dual Exhaust System utilizes perfor-
mance proven stepped header technology. Running from 1 7/8"
to 2". Available with cross-over/balance tube for impressive bot-
tom end and mid-range performance or without cross-over for
mid range and top end performance. Features 2 1/4" 220
degree full coverage heat shields and 3 1/2" diameter mufflers
with adjustable slash cut ends. Slash can be fixed in the upward
or downward position.
VT No. Item
30-1554 2007-up FLT, FLH With Crossover Tube
30-1555 2007-up FLT, FLH Without Crossover Tube
Vance and Hines FLT Big Shot Duals features 1 3/4" head-
pipes with 220░ wrap 2 1/2" Heat shields that flow into 2 1/8"
muffler bodies. A true 2 into 2 system that eliminates factory
crossover. Includes Baffles and mount hardware. Fits 1995-06
FLT Models.
VT No. 30-1531
FLH Exhaust for Touring
29-0195 with
29-0195 with
Oxygen Sensor Tool will remove and install oxygen
sensors on fuel injected models. Socket has 3/8" drive
receive. Can also be used with 7/8" wrench. The socket
can withstand 125 ft. lbs of torque. For 2006 Dyna Glide;
all 2007 BT.
VT No. Brand
16-1361 Jims
16-1131 Motorshop
Chrome Muffler Support Bracket
fits 1986-up Touring.
VT No. 31-1250