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Baffle and End
Caps available
Chrome Billet Scalloped
Pipe Ends fit 2 1/4" straight
pipes. Pair.
VT No. 30-0313
Chrome Billet Aluminum
Custom End Caps fit all 2.25"
VT No. 30-0354
Chrome Billet Exhaust
VT No. Fits
30-0791 1 3/4"
30-0790 2 1/4"
Six Gun Pipe Ends.
VT No. Fits
30-0789 2 1/4"
30-0788 1 3/4"
Rinehart Racing Chrome Crossback 2 into 2 Exhaust
System. The Crossover three step header design with 2 1/2"
chrome integrated mufflers significantly boosts torque and
horsepower across the RPM range. Crossback systems are
available in flush cut or staggered versions and include 2 1/2"
220 full coverage heatshields that merge flush to the muffler
bodies, custom billet end caps and two sets of baffles (2" OD
for engines up to 96 CI and 2 1/4" OD for large high perfor-
mance engines). All systems include two oxygen sensor ports.
Flash Cut Style
VT No. Fits
30-1546 1986-up FXST
30-1547 2006-up Dyna
30-1548 1999-05 Dyna
Staggered Style
30-1549 1986-up FXST
30-1550 2006-up Dyna
30-1551 1999-05 Dyna
Billet Exhaust Ends
Chrome or Black
Anodized Billet
Ends fit 2.25
straight pipes.
VT No. Finish
30-0452 Black
30-0453 Chrome
2:2 Crossback Exhaust