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HVHP Pump Only
VT No. Type
12-6209 Standard Cover 1992-99
12-6208 Universal Cover 1992-99
12-6214 Universal Cover 1984-91
HVHP Pump Kits
12-6298 Standard Cover 1992-99
12-6302 Universal Cover 1992-99
12-6307 Universal Cover 1984-91
S&S High Volume High Pressure Oil Pumps
Feature a new tooth profile with fewer but larger teeth that provide greater oil volume for both supply and return sides of the pump.
Supply gear is 9% wider than stock type oil pumps to give the HVHP pump more oil capacity.
Return gears are 28% wider than stock type pumps to insure that the additional volume of oil supplied to the engine is scavenged
and returned to the oil tank. In spite of wider supply and return gears the HVHP pump is no thicker than stock type pump and uses
the stock type oil pump drive shaft.
The standard style cover has feed and return holes in stock 1992-99 locations. Universal cover has a number of oil feed and
return options allowing maximum flexibility for customized installations.
Both types are available as oil pump assembly only or as a complete pump kit that includes pump, drive gear, pinion gear,
breather gear and shim kit.
Oil Pumps
1978-85 Sifton
Breather Gear Kit is
constructed of precision ground steel with
screen installed. 8 piece steel thrustwash-
er set included.
VT No. 12-1540
Sifton Air Ramp fits S&S/Sifton Breather
Gear on 1936-99 models to remove more
air and oil from crankcase. Requires
removal of screen for installation. Gear
not included.
VT No. 12-1945
A-Big Twin Steel Breather Valve is a
machined breather valve and gear.
Designed to replace the stock steel or
plastic units. Order 8-piece thrust washers
separately. Available in stock duration only
with either STD or +.030 O/S outside
VT No. Years Size
12-9906 1978-99 STD
12-1537 1978-99 STD
12-9957 1978-99 +.030
Washer Set S&S
Washer Set Sifton
B-Stock Plastic Breather Valves.
12-1531 25310-82A L1977-99
C-Thrust Washer Set, Breather Valve for
1979-99 BT includes one of each size
VT No. Fits
12-1510 1979-82 8 Steel
.110, .115, .120, .125
.130, .135, .140, .145
12-1530 1982-99 8 Plastic
.130, .135, .140, .145
.150, .155, .160, .165
S&S Reed Breather features three steel
reeds that are normally in the closed
position, the downward cylinder motion
increases crankcase pressure to open
the reeds on the upward stroke a vacu-
um is created. Can be used in Shovel
motors with open primary or sealed pri-
mary not connected to the oil scavenge
system. Replaces stock breather on
1991-99 Ev motors.
VT No. Size
12-1949 Stock
12-1950 .030 O.S.
Breather Gears