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Chrome Fork
Assembly for FLT mod-
els. Features chrome
triple trees, chrome or
polished lower legs,
axle, chrome upper fork
covers and full chrome
cowl and handlebar top
chrome cover assembly.
Units accept dual disc
caliper as required by
year. 1984-86 models
require 1987-99 front
caliper set.
VT No. Lower Legs
24-1220 Polish
24-1221 Chrome
24-2222 Polish
24-2223 Chrome
FLT Fork Assembly fits 1984-99 FLT and includes polished
lower sliders with all internals and stock length tubes installed,
chrome triple tree set, chrome slider covers, axle, bearings
and dust covers. Accepts FLHR cowl set not included. Also
accepts 11
" dual disc components.
VT No. Item
24-9999 Fork Assembly Complete with Chrome Sliders
52-0856 16" Chrome Wheel
24-0355 Cowl Assembly
24-0268 Top Handlebar Clamp
31-0246 Cowl Top Trim Piece
24-0522 R and L Leg Assembly, Chrome
24-0178 Black Upper Triple Tree
24-0177 Black Lower Triple Tree
24-0210 Chrome Upper Tree
24-0211 Chrome Lower Tree
24-0212 Chrome Tree Set
24-9960 Chrome Slider Covers
37-0860 Slider Cover Screws
24-0772 Axle and Fork Bearing Kit
44-0675 Axle Kit Only
17-0949 Nut Lock Tab
37-1010 Pinch Bolt Set
Forks for FLT-FLHR
Chrome Tree Set
VT No. 24-0212
Complete Assembly with lamp, chrome upper fork leg covers and
chrome fork air baffle
VT No 24-0318
Neck Hardware Kit avail-
able separately.
VT No. 24-0367