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41mm 10" Dual Disc Fork Assembly
11 1/2" Dual Disc Fork Assembly features FXST style components which includes
chrome triple trees, hard chrome fork tubes installed in polished or chrome lower sliders
with all internals installed, which accept dual 11 1/2" rotors and calipers, with 31" overall
length. Kit includes axle, spacer, neck bearings, top cone and stem nut and bearing dust
covers. If a front wheel drive speedometer is not desired, axle kit VT No. 44-0570 sepa-
VT No. Fits
24-9949 BT Complete
24-9972 BT Complete
52-0127 21" Wheel with Chrome Spokes
52-0181 21" Wheel with Stainless Steel Spokes
24-9948 Right and Left Slider Assembly
24-0517 Right and Left Slider Assembly
36-0547 Speedo Drive Adapter Kit
23-2226 Chrome Caliper Set
FXWG Style Dual Disc Fork/Wheel and Caliper
Assemblies to fit 1948-99 Big Twin FL-FX-FXWG fea-
tures polished or chromed lower sliders without reflec-
tor boss, hard chrome fork tubes and internals
installed. Includes chrome trees with 1" diameter stem
and frame lock tab, neck bearings, axle spacer and top
nut. Stock length is 31" overall. Kit also includes 21" all
chrome assembled wheel with bearings, drilled 10"
steel rotors with chrome screws, and choice of black or
chrome dual disc calipers complete with pads.24-9947
has smooth lower legs.
VT No. Item Caliper Sliders
24-2000 Kit Chrome Polished
24-2011 Kit Chrome Chrome
Fork Assembly Only
24-0779 Fork Assembly
24-1525 Fork Assembly
24-9947 Fork Assembly
Fork Only
10" rotors
11" rotors
FXWG Dual Disc Fork
Assembly Front Wheel
Speedo Drive Kit will
allow use of 2:1 ratio
speedo. Kit includes
axle, speedo drive and
adapter flange.
VT No. 36-0547
Fork Assembly Kit fits 1973-84
FL, 1980-83 FXWG.
VT No. 24-0776
11 1/2" Dual Disc Fork Assembly
11 1/2" Dual Disc Fork/Wheel Assembly includes complete fork assembly. Kit
also includes a 21" all chrome assembled wheel with bearings, 2 drilled steel 11
1/2" rotors with corn screws and chrome style disc caliper set and speedo drive
and adapter, complete with mount hardware and pads. Fits 1948-99 FX-FL.
VT No. Sliders
24-2038 Polished
24-2039 Chrome
41mm Fork Assembly
11.5" Dual Disc