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Powerglide II™ Advantage. For over a year, the Jims R&D
team has been developing a tappet built for today’s engine
dynamics. Big power, big torque, increased spring weights,
greater piston speed, etc... means increased demand on the
tappet & tappet roller. Jims is proud to introduce the
PowerGlide II. This tappet has undergone extensive develop-
ment to increase its load, lubrication, hydraulic and life capaci-
ties. Jims has been manufacturing tappets for over 30 years,
and is the only aftermarket manufacturer that manufactures tap-
pets in house. The Powerglide II, has all the advantages of it’s
predecessor-billet body, superior hydraulic unit, roller perpen-
dicularity held to .0002", hand-honed hydraulic unit cavity, and
now includes the following advantages:
• The total Dynamic load capacities have been increased over
30% straight across the board.
• The lubrication capacities for the hydraulic unit and valve train
(top end) have increased 10%.
• The lubrication capacities for the roller cams, and cam bear-
ings have increased 100%. (Increased cooling)
VT No. Item
10-0568 Performance Hydraulic Tappet, for use with Twin Cam
10-0569 Performance Hydrosolid Tappet, for use with Twin Cam
Twin Cam
Timken® Case
Tool is a must
for the big cubic
inch late model
Twin Cam 88" or
96" engine.
Utilizing the special Jims precision insert, it is designed to
easily and accurately convert the left side crank roller bearing
(OEM# 24604-00D) to the more durable Timken Bearing
(OEM# 9028). This insert is manufactured from aluminum that
is several times stronger than the aluminum case material the
standard bearing rides in. The tool includes:
• A new steel bearing insert held under .002" TIR (total indica-
tor reading).
•A press plate that will hold the bearing insert in line with the
case bearing bore at the time it is being pressed into case.
• All the necessary drill bits to drill oil feed and return holes,
hardware and detailed instructions.
This job can be performed with normal hand tools , a hand
drill and a 2 ton press.
Use on Twin Cam engines 2003 to the present. Must also use
existing Jims Tool (16-0668) for race installation. Order bear-
ing inserts and Timken Bearings separately.
VT No. 16-1375
Outer Balancer Bearing
Installer & Remover Tool
removes and installs the out-
board balancer bearing on the
new 96" & 110" “B" Softail
engines chain guide support
VT No. 16-1376
Balancer Shaft
Removal Tool
designed to remove
both front and rear
shaft bearing
assembly, from the
left engine case on
the new 96" and
110" Beta engines.
VT No. 16-1374
Balancing Shaft and
Bearing Installer Tool
designed to align and
safely install a new bal-
ancer bearing and
counterbalancer shaft
into the new Twin Cam
96" or 110" “B" Softail
engine case. For
removal of balancer
shaft from the engine
case use Jims tool No.
VT No. 16-1377
New for ’08
Jims TC-88 Balancer Shaft Alignment
Tool use for correct balancer drive
assembly. Use on all 2000-up TC-88B
VT No. 16-1166
Balancer Shaft Retention Pin use this
tool to secure the engine balancers on
TC-88B engines when servicing flywheel
assembly. This tool locks into the bal-
ancers sprocket pin holes to prevent the
balancer from turning out of sync with fly-
VT No. 16-1163
Balancer Shaft Inner and
Outer Bearing Remover and
Installer for TC-88B models
2000-up includes thrust bear-
ing. Replaces 44066.
VT No. 16-0540
For TC-88 B