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Valve Stem Height
Gauge features one
side reading in direct
lift and the opposite
side on .025" incre-
ments, making stem
height easy to mea-
VT No. 16-0143
Sunnen Valve Seat Driver
Kit includes driver, 1.50 x
1.625 ring, 1.75 x 1.875 ring
and 2.00 x 2.215 ring.
VT No. 16-0523
Valve Grinding Stick for hand grinding
valves. Synthetic rubber vacuum cup is
resistant to oil, grease and
gasoline. 15/16" cup diameter.
VT No. 16-0604
Clutch and Valve Spring Tester fits springs up to 2"
diameter and 4½" free length and accurately measures
pressure from 0-300 pounds, in one pound increments.
VT No. Item
16-0632 Tester
16-0653 Drill Press Flange
Rear Intake Valve Spring Compressor.
Compresses intake valve spring on the
rear cylinder of the ST so the rocker box
can be removed while the engine is still in
the frame. It does this without damage to
the valve stem, valve spring, or rocker
cover. Replaces 34641.
VT No. 16-0868
Sifton Valve Spring Tool is bench mount-
ed to compress springs on 1936-up
engines also used for checking valve trav-
el and coil bind of the valve springs by
placing a dial indicator on the top of the
threaded shaft.
VT No. 16-1774
Valve Spring Compressors Factory style replaces
96600-36 for all Big Twins OHV.
VT No. # Fits
16-0146 A 1936-84 Replica BT
16-1771 B 1936-up Jims
16-1788 B 1936-up All Sifton
Trock Valve Travel Checkers are the
most accurate method of measuring
valve travel on Shovel, Evo, TC-88 or
Sportster. If valve guides or spr ings do
not have proper clearance, a valve
checker will pinpoint the problem easily.
VT No. # Type
16-0753 A Evo/TC-88
16-0752 B Sportster
16-0751 C Shovel
16-1762 Panhead
16-0750 D Dial Indicator