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aft Locking Tool will
lock the gear teeth
on the TC 88 model
engine. Instructions
VT No. 16-0790
Jims Cam Chain
Tensioner Unloader
will hold the tension of
the primary cam chain
on the TC 88 model
engine. Instruction
VT No. 16-0793
Jims Camshaft Remover and Installer
Tool allows removal and installation of
cams in the TC-88 model engine. Tool is
used in conjunction with VT No. 16-0793
cam chain tensioner unloader.
VT No. 16-0792
Jims Crankshaft Bushing
Remover/Installer will facilitate removal
and installation of bushing in cam sup-
port plate on TC-88 model engines.
VT No. 16-0791
Tools for
Jims TC-88 Connecting Rod Bushing
Too l use to remove and replace wrist pin
bushing without removing connecting rods
from crankcase.
VT No. 16-1051
Jims TC-88 Inner Cam Installer positions
the two inner cam needle bearings and
perfectly aligns to the shaft bores for a
precision press fit.
VT No. 16-1278
Jims TC-88 Cylinder Torque Plates
lasered with correct torquing sequence
and will also work on Screamin' Eagle Big
Bore Cylinders.
VT No. 16-1287
Jims TC-88
Puller used
to remove
this tool is
designed to
remove the bearing straight with no slip-
ping or binding. Use on all TC-88.
VT No. 16-1280
Jims TC-88 Crankshaft Guide
use to spread pinion bearing
rollers while reassembling right
side engine case on to flywheel
VT No. 16-1281
Jims TC-88 Inner Cam Bearing Remover
replaces inner bearing easily without dam-
age to crankcase and also prevents rollers
from falling into crankcase. Use on TC-88.
VT No. 16-1279
Jims Powertrain Alignment Tool aligns
powertrain to proper position safely and
easily on most touring models. Performing
alignment service must be done when
engine, transmission or swingarm has
been repaired or removed. This tool helps
to provide the accurate alignment neces-
sary for handling safety and performance.
For 1993-97 FLHT; FLHR; FLHX & FLTR.
VT No. 16-1365
Clutch Assembly Service Tool will safely
disasemble and assemble the clutch shell
assembly and also remove and install the
clutch hub from the bearing. Safe removal
& installation of clutch shell ball bearing
(OEM# 37906-90) with damage to new
VT No. 16-1366
Inner Primary Cover Bearing & Seal
Remover Installer Tool safely removes
and installs inner primary bearing (OEM#
9135) without damage to the new bearing
by pushing on the outer perimeter of the
bearing. Removes and installs inner pri-
mary and seal that the transmission main-
shaft passes through (OEM#12052A). For
L1984-06 FXST/FLST; 85-06
VT No. 16-1367
Starter Ring Gear
Rivet Fixture Tool
removes the starter
ring gear rivets from
Big Twin clutch
shells. For 2006-07
BT except Dyna.
VT No. 16-1368
Jims TC-88 Camshaft
Bearing Tool designed to
remove and replace the
right crankcase bearing in
and out with no damage to
VT No. 16-1275