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Cam and Pinion Bushing Drill Jigs
allow the installation and drilling of a
dowel pin to factory location supplied with
#31 drill by Jims.
Cam Bushing Drill Jigs
VT No. Year
16-1814 1936-69 Big Twin
16-1779 1970-99 Big Twin
16-1818 1954-up XL
Pinion Bushing Drill Jigs
VT No. Fits
16-1820 1936-53 Big Twin
16-1780 1954-92 Big Twin
16-0882 1993-99 Big Twin
16-1817 1937-73 45"
16-1819 1937-48 74" & 80" Side Valve
1970-up Big Twin Cam Bearing and
Bushing Alignment Tool aligns to within
.0003" of the center line. Any binding of
this tool indicates misalignment of cam
cover and or bushing. By Jims.
VT No. 16-0671 (A)
1936-69 Cam Cover Bushing Remover
Too l removes bushing in one operation.
VT No. 16-0669 (B)
1991-up XL Crankshaft Bushing Plate
Pilot & Reamer. Reams in board camshaft
and camshaft crankcase
bushing, replaces 38871.
VT No. 16-1823
Bushing Reaming Tools fit pinion bush-
ing in cam cover.
Year Model
16-0982 94805-80A 1958-up Big Twin
16-0981 94812-37A 1954-76 XL & 45"
16-0980 94812-80A 1977-85 Sportster
16-0979 94813-80A 1941-54 Big Twin
16-0978 94814-80A 1955-57 Big Twin
16-0962 94812-89 1986-up Sportster
1957-up Sportster
1-3-4 Cam Cover Bushing
16-1830 1957-up #2 XL Cam Bushing
16-1797 94802-70 1970-up BT Cam
1936-69 BT Cam
Pinion Bushing Puller Tool is used to
remove the pinion bushing from the cam
cover on 1954-up Big Twins.
VT No. 16-1822
Jims Cam Bushing Reamer and Fixture
VT No. Year Type
16-0697 1970-up Cam Cover
16-1802 1936-69 Cam Case and Cover
Sifton Cam and Pinion Gear Lash Tool.
The indicator base mounts to the gear
cover and the indicator foot mounts direct-
ly to the end of the cam. A simple adjust-
ment of the foot and you can see exactly
what the gear lash is in .001" increments.
VT No. 16-0230
Cam Cover Puller easily removes 74 &
80 cam cover on 1970-99 models.
VT No. Brand
16-1708 Trock
16-0839 Sifton
Cam Cover Holding Tool holds 1970-up
Big Twin Covers while removing and
installing bushings. Holds cover flat, to
avoid scratches.
VT No. 16-0858