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Cam Clearance Cutter bolts to 1970-up
Big Twin cases and features an adjustable
cutter and threaded depth feed. Power by
" drill or use in milling machine.
VT No. Item
16-0879 Cutter 1970-99
16-0915 Cutter TC-88
Trock Cam Jack allows raising of cam
shaft on 1970-up Big Twin models when
cam cover is removed to change pinion
gear or check clearances.
VT No. 16-0658
Cam End Play
includes dial indi-
cator for 1970-up
VT No. 16-0572
Evolution Camshaft Gear
Alignment Tool is used for
degreeing camshaft to
stock specification. Tool
locks the radial position of
the gear and camshaft
together and allows the
gear to be more easily and
accurately pressed onto
the camshaft.
VT No. 16-0485
Cam Bearing Puller Tool removes inner
cam bearing (Torrington type) without
splitting cases while preventing rollers
from coming out during removal. Not for
Twin Cams.
VT No. Fits
16-1821 1958-99 Big Twins
16-1840 1957-up XL
Cam Tools
Cam Shaft Needle Bearings and
Bushing Tool. Rods install needle bear-
ings without damage. Bushing tool posi-
tions pinion bushing in cam cover on all
1970-up Big Twin to correct depth.
16-0126 97272-60 BT Needle Sifton
16-1841 97272-60 BT Needle Jims
16-0127 97273-60 XL Needle Sifton
16-1857 97273-60 XL Needle Jims
BT Bushing Sifton
Cam Bearing Tools (A) will remove the
9058 Big Twin Torrington Bearing, (B) fas-
tens to cam cover mount holes and will
install new bearing.
VT No. Item
Brand Type
16-1827 Puller Trock A
16-0629 Installer Trock B
16-0660 Installer Jims
Cam Bearing
Gauge is a
gauge to check
if the cam is too
tight or too
loose in the
9058 Torrington
Bearing on
1958-up Big
Twins. Set of 2.
VT No.
Evo XL Cam Relief Tool allows the instal-
lation of high lift cams in 5-Speed XL
models by removing some of case materi-
al at the base of the lifter bores and
around the pinion bearing for lobe swing
clearance. This tool cuts clearance quickly
and can be performed on an assembled
engine in the frame.
VT No. 16-0353
Jims Big Twin Breather Chamber
Reaming Tool will size the hole to .030 so
the oversize breather can be used for
1936-up models.
VT No. 16-0695
Cam Gear Check Pins
measure precise fit for
selection. Sold in pairs.
VT No. Size
16-1749 .105
16-1750 .108
Jims Cam Gear
Remover and
Alignment Tools. The
alignment tool is
designed to index the
cam gears position
while removing on installing the cam gear.
This tool will allow you to accurately posi-
tion and or reposition the cam gear from
one camshaft to another, as well as allow-
ing you to retard or advance the gear
position by up to 10 degrees with the
accuracy of a
degree. The cam gear
remover tool is use to remove the cam
gear from the camshaft. This tool acts as
stable base to keep the camshaft perpen-
dicular to the press.
VT No. Item
16-1282 Alignment Tool
16-1283 Remover Tool