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Rear Chrome Billet Caliper
Bracket Kits for use with 11.5"
VT No. Year
23-1096 1984-99
23-0699 2000-05
Unitized Caliper Bracket will accept Billet and curved license
plate assembly with 3/4" and 1"axle.
VT No. Item
23-0787 Bracket
23-0791 Bracket
23-0496 Caliper Only
Chrome Forged Billet Rear Caliper Bracket fit 1" axles.
Includes spacer for 3/4" axle applications. Fits 1986-99 ST.
VT No. Side
23-0494 Right
23-0792 Left
Pulley Brakester
is available for 1
1/2" or 1 1/8" belts
and includes 4 pis-
ton billet caliper.
70 tooth pulley fits
all 1986-up FXST
VT No.
1 1/2"
1 1/8"
11.5" Chrome Caliper Kit fits
Rigid frames. Kit includes pol-
ished 11.5" disc, bolts, chrome
4-piston caliper complete with
integral bracket and weld on
frame tab.
VT No. Side Fits Axle
22-0370 Left XL 3/4"
22-0371 Right BT 3/4"
22-0381 Left BT 1"
22-0382 Right BT 1"
Billet Rear Caliper
Kit fits right side
1986-99 ST with
integral side mount
bracket. Order
curved taillamp sep-
VT No. Side
22-0762 Right
22-0763 Left
Edart Caliper-Rotor Set includes 2 piston chrome billet caliper,
polished rotor/sprocket combination with 50 teeth for 1" or 3/4"
axle. Order bolt kit separately.
VT No. Item
23-0785 Rotor-Sprocket
23-0799 Rebuild
23-0784 Brake Pads
1986-99 ST Rear Caliper Kit includes curved license plate
mount and spacer to fit 3/4" or 1" axle.
VT No. Item Side
22-0764 Kit Right
22-0765 Kit Left
Bracket Right
Bracket Left
Caliper Brackets