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Chrome Dura Billet Rear Caliper Kit includes caliper, brack-
et and polished stainless steel rotor with bolts. Fits ST mod-
VT No. Year
23-0280 1987-99
23-0282 2000-05
Chrome 1986-99 Billet Caliper Kit for ST includes chrome
caliper and polished rear rotor.
VT No. Style
23-0261 18 Spoke
23-0281 Razor
Billet Rear
Caliper Kits
Chrome Billet Rear
Calipers feature 4-piston
design with mount brack-
ets included.
VT No. Year/Model
23-0264 1989-99 ST
23-0265 2000-05 ST
23-0879 Pad Set
Billet Caliper Kit features 4 piston design for 1987-99 ST
models. Order rotor separately.
VT No. 23-0853
Dura Rear Caliper Kit features chrome billet caliper and
bracket. 11.5" razor rotor included.
VT No. Year
23-0655 1986-99
23-0263 2000-05
Edar t Billet Caliper fits front and rear 1986-99 ST. Order rear
bracket separately.
VT No.
Rear Bracket