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Wyatt Gatling Point Prism Tank is 3.8 gallon with 25" x 5"
deep tunnel length and 12" at widest point.
VT No. 38-0187
Wyatt Gatling Prism Tank features 4 bolt mounting and
2.2 gallon capacity with dimensions of
21" x 11.5" x 8".
VT No. 38-0197
38-0187, 38-0197 include strap type mount system.
Mount Kit
Above tanks have 5" Deep tunnel at front
Wyatt’s Pirate Tank features mini design allows for full engine
view. Measures 22" long with a 19 1/2" tunnel length. 2.2 gallon
capacity with front and rear tab mount.
VT No. 38-0242
38-0197 Installed
38-0242 Installed & painted