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FXST Replica Forward Brake Control for use on all 1970-99
Big Twin with Shovel or Evo engines equipped with hydraulic
disc or drum brakes. Designed after the 1984-99 FXST which
places the driver peg in back of the brake pedal, so the brake is
easier to operate from this comfortable position. Redesigned to
accept a Wagner or Kelsey-Hayes style master cylinder or GMA
masters, also available with chrome KH or Wagner style mas-
ters. Hardware includes linkage pedal mount plate, rubber cov-
ered footpeg. This kit is the exact compliment to our shifter kits
listed on opposite page and when used with one of these kits,
places the pegs in forward and raised position.
VT No. Item
22-1066 Dual-use kit without Master Cylinder
22-01* Complete kit with Kelsey type Master Cylinder
22-18* Complete kit with Wagner type Master Cylinder
23-1743 Brake Pedal for Above
13-0181 Brake Pedal Spring
Note: Kits VT No. 22-01 & 22-18 use Russell Stainless
Lines VT No. 23-8809 front and 23-8802 from junction to rear
caliper. Use tee VT No. 23-0707.
All Kits
on 18" x 24"
Everything You Need To Convert All
Hydraulic Brakes To Forward Control
FXST Brake
Chrome Brake
Lever Pivot Cover
Kit fits 1984-99
Includes cover,
retainer washer
and allen screw.
Details this drab
VT No. 37-8895
FXST Chrome Stock Style Brake Control Kits includes
mounting bracket, lever and linkage. The 1982-86 type uses
two bolt master cylinder. 1987-89 type has tab with square
hole that uses spark plug. the 1990-up type fits models with
frame mounter master cylinder. Master cylinder not included.
VT No. Fits
22-1054 1983-E87 FXWG-FXST
22-1064 1987-89 FXST
22-1082 1990-99 FXST
22-1082 Installed
37-8895 Installed