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Profile Gas Caps
Low Profile Cap Set for Bob tanks 1984-up right and left side.
38-0369 features right side cap and left side dummy cap to
replace fuel gauge. All sets are polished except 38-0369, 38-
0378, 38-0386 and 38-0395 which is chrome.
VT No. Year
38-0328 1983-95 Set
38-0369 1996-up Set
38-0334 1996-99 Set
38-0378 1996-99 Set
38-0344 1983-95 Vented Cap SS
38-0343 1996-99 Vented Cap SS
38-0395 1983-99 Vented Cap Chrome
38-0398 1983-95 Set
38-0386 1996-up Set
Low Profile Cap Set feature polished stainless construction
and peaked center.
VT No.
38-0394 1983-95
38-0396 1996-99
Lone Star Low Profile Cap Set available in pairs (vented or
no-vented) or vented cap only. Features star type emblem on
low profile pointed style gas cap. Fits all 1983-up all models.
VT No.
38-0275 1983-95 Set
38-0276 1996-up Set
38-0277 1983-95 Vented Cap Only
38-0278 1996-up Vented Cap Only
Chrome Billet Cap Sets are constructed from solid bar and
machined for 1983-99 right and left sides.
VT No. Style
38-0359 Medium
38-0360 Tall
Chrome Red Baron
Billet Caps.
VT No. Year
38-0422 1983-99 Pair
38-0424 1996-up Pair
38-0423 1983-up Vented (each)
Billet Khrome Kap
Kit features a uniquely designed insert
which is permanently installed in the existing bung on bobbed
tank sets on 1983-up models of Big Twin. Inserts will prevent
flaking around the filler neck or conceal existing damage to fin-
ish in this area. The chrome caps thread into this insert and act
as the actual gas cap. Sold in pairs.
VT No. Year
38-0327 1983-95
38-0233 1983-95
38-0234 1996-up
16-0742 Wrench
15-1508 Seal Ring
Gas Caps with paint protectors. Chromed low-profile gas caps
feature screw-in paint protectors and tool. Vented cap has right-
hand threads and can be used in either the right side of double
capped tanks or single-cap tanks. Non-vented cap has left-hand
threads and is used only in the left side of double=capped
tanks. The dummy cap replaces the OEM fuel gauge in tanks
that feature the fuel gauge in the left side.
VT No. Type
38-0453 Vented
38-0454 Non-Vent
38-0485 Dummy