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Pingel® Metric Fuel Valve with nut fits 1975-up and without
nut is
" NPT for 1975 and down. Unit features a metric nut
utilizing right and left hand thread, so once installed adapter
nut can be loosened, valve put in the desired position and nut
retightened. No need to use teflon tapes meaning less chance
of leakage.
Chrome Chrome Polished Spigot
B-Smth A-Hex A-Hex
35-0218 35-0218 35-0218 Adapter,Nut Kit
14-0571 14-0571 14-0571 Nylon Washer for Above
Rebuild Kit
Rebuild Components
for 5 Valves
Note:All descriptions and designs are made for a seated
position on the motorcycle with the hose outlet facing a
direction to ease fuel line hookup.
Adapter Bushing allows use of carb type
petcock on EFI models, replaces 62842-00.
VT No. 35-0748
Pingel In-line Fuel Valve. Chrome plated fuel
valve for in line use features simple on /off
operation without a reserve capacity and no
filter. VT No. 35-0040
Weld In Petcock Inserts.
VT No. Type Thread
38-0221 Male 1975-up
38-0309 Female 3/8 NPT
Delphi F.I. to Carburetor Conversion Fitting
Set includes gas tank fitting to eliminate
Delphi fuel injection and use a carburetor and
late style petcock.
VT No. 35-9353
Pingel® Fuel
Valve Rebuild Kit
designed to work
single or dual out-
let Pingel®
reserve fuel
valves. Rebuild kit
includes enough
rebuilding parts
for three fuel valves plus all tools, photos and instructions are
VT No. Item
35-9290 Complete Fuel Valve Rebuild Kit
35-9291* Fuel valve rebuild components
*Note: Components kit has enough parts for five valves.
Pingel® Vacuum Operated Chrome
Fuel Valve features high fuel flow with
same safety features as original valve.
Nut included.
VT No. Side Spigot
35-0166 L Left
35-0167 R Left
35-0168 D Left or Right
Pingel® Fuel Delivery Systems are covered under on or more of the
following patents: 4,250,921; 4,957,137; other patents pending.
Pingel® Power Flow Valve has a single
outlet with reserve (U-Type) is manufac-
tured as a 1 piece billet brass unit featur-
ing a -6AN threaded fitting for fuel line
hook up using stainless steel hose fit-
tings, line and S&S carb fitting for Super
‘E’ & ‘G’ models. Sold separately.
VT No. Item
35-0420 Petcock
35-0421 S&S Carb Fitting
Petcock (Fuel Valve) direction is determined by direction hose comes off
valve when sitting on motorcycle
Wa rra n ty o n a l l
Pi ng e l® P ro d u ct s i s
h a n dl e d b y Pi ng e l
En t e rp ri se s, I n c. ,
d ire ct l y f o r t h e r et a il
co n su me r.
Accel-Hi-Flow Fuel Valve is
chrome plated, high-volume,
and includes nut, for 1975-up
Note: The 90° type has a 360°
swivel fitting.
VT No. Type
35-9171 Straight
35-9074 90°