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Billet Kit for
Chrome Billet Forward Control Set fits 1991-05 FXD includes rubber belted pegs as shown. Includes left and right sides com-
plete with master cylinder. Order shift rod separately.
VT No. Item
22-0756 Control Set
22-0768 Control Set
21-0222 Shift Rod
21-0220 Shift Rod
23-3005 Master Cylinder
23-0859 Rebuild Kit
Shift Shaft Primary Plug use when forward controls
are installed on FXR-FXD models to seal the inner pri-
mary when eliminating the mid shift. Includes O-Rings
and hardware.
VT No. 17-0650
Chrome Oval Inspection Cover fits
FXD-FXST outer primary when for-
ward controls are used. Does not have
a hole for shift shaft for 1991-05.
VT No. 42-9927
Grip Set
Order matching grip and passenger
set separately.
VT No. Item
28-0607 Grips
27-0615 Peg Set
Replacement Chrome End Cap Set
fits brake and shift pivot ends.
VT No. 21-0543
22-0768 Left
22-0768 Right
22-0756 Right
22-0756 Left