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Cateye Taillamp features
smooth red lens with LED
board installed. Chrome
body has stepped design for
updated look.
VT No. 33-0680
Chrome Cat Eye Taillight made of heavy die cast. Parts avail-
able separately.
VT No. Item
33-0306 Light
33-0028 Light
Complete, LED
Lens Plain
33-0285 Grill
33-0286 Grill
Lens with Blue Dot
33-1996 Clear
Top Lens
15-0665 Gasket, 10 pack
Diamond Rear Light features
a red lens, 12 volt, bolts to
stock FXWG-FXST or to cat
eye mount holes.
VT No. Item
33-2128 Complete Lamp
33-0344 Complete Lamp (LED)
33-2143 Red Lens Only
Taillamps listed are for show or decorative use only, and not D.O.T. approved.
Chrome Billet Oval Taillight
features LED array with clear
window. 12V.
VT No. Item
33-0443 Taillamp
33-0655 LED Array Only
Skull Cateye Taillight fea-
ture classic oval design with
skull lens, 12V.
VT No. Type
33-0587 Bulb
Chrome Radii
Assembly features full
LED matrix with amber
turn signal bulb built in.
Lamp measures 6" long by
2 1/2" wide at the center.
VT No. 33-0605
Spike Taillight with license
plate lamp.
VT No. 33-0619
Thin Cateye Taillight is
only 3/4 thick with LED.
VT No. 33-0807
Chrome Die Cast Box
Taillamp, 12 Volt.
VT No. Item
33-0310 Lamp
33-2119 Lens
Replica Lucas Lamps.
VT No. Style
33-1972 Large
33-0302 Small
Cyclops Taillamps. Both have studs for mounting.
VT No. Type Mounting Studs
33-0886 LED 5 1/2" C-C
33-0887 Bulb 4 3/8" C-C
Cat Face Taillight
mounts on flat plate.
VT No. 33-0915
LED Boards will be warranted only. No credit will be issued on any lamps or components with the
33 prefix. Lamps will either be exchanged or repaired and returned to the dealer.
Kateyzs with LED.
VT No. 33-0767