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Driver Footboards
Oval Style Shape Footboards fit the stock mounting brackets
on 1940-84 FL. Footboards replaces 50603-40.
VT No. Finish
27-0907 Black
27-0908 Chrome Rubber
27-1562 Chrome Metal
27-0900 Chrome H-D Logo
Chrome D Shaped Footboards include rubber pads. The
1974-up Iso boards feature a raised footboard pad with anti-
vibration rubbers. Sold in pairs.
27-0904 50603-66
1966-73 FL
27-0903 50603-74A 1966-85 FL
Iso Type
1966-85 FL
With brackets
27-0906 50621-79
1979-up FLT
Iso Type
1987-up FLST
Chrome D Shaped
Footboards feature ISO
design with rubber inserts
in stainless steel grid. Pair.
VT No. Year Model
27-0923 1979-up FLT
1986-up FLST
Chrome Footboard Trim.
Footboard Set inserts are fitted
to an iso-mount footboard top
to fit 1974-up FL-FLT-FLST
VT No. 27-1705
Chrome Billet Footboard Pads
include Iso bushings for 1966-up
Big Twins.
VT No. 27-0570
Forward Mount Footboard Pans will extend the rider to a
more comfortable postion pans accept original or accessory
board inserts. Replacing 50409-04.
VT No. 27-0798
Flamed Footboard Set. Chrome plated footboards with black
molded rubber insert. Fits 1980-up FLT, 1986-up FLST.
VT No. 27-0178
Flame Footboard Inserts or available as complete board
set. Fit 1980-up FLT.
VT No. Item
27-0584 Inserts
27-0692 Complete Board Set
Streamliner Footboard
fits 1980-up FLT, FLST.
VT No. 27-0501