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Chrome Rear Footpegs and Mounts fit 1977-84 FX models.
Mount blocks 51-0504 can be welded to FL-FX frames 1958-
84 for peg mounting. The 27-0060 elevates peg position for
custom exhaust.
VT No. # Item
27-0060 A Elevated Peg Brackets
27-0056 B Stock Peg Brackets
27-0051 C Mount Yoke 1/2 x 20"
27-1534 C Mount Yoke 3/8 x 24"
27-1228 D Peg Set 1/2" Yokes w/clevis
Rear Peg Mounts
Rear Peg Relocation Brackets place pegs in a more com-
fortable position, chrome, pair.
VT No. Fits
31-5019 1984-up FXST
27-0061 1986-up FLST
27-0060 1973-84 FXE
FXR Passenger Peg Kit
includes chrome brackets
and bolts, which moves
passenger footpeg higher
and more forward. Stock
or custom
/2" stud foot-
pegs can be used.
VT No. 27-1531
Weld On Footpeg Mounts can be welded to
1958-77 BT swing arm frames to utilize the
stock FXE mount to raise peg position.
VT No. 51-0504
2006-up Chrome Peg
Mount Set fits FXD-
FXDWG models. Order
male pegs separately.
VT No. Item
27-0858 Mounts
27-1232 Peg Set
1983-86 Big Twin Weld on Rear Peg
Mounts with
VT No. 51-0608
Rear Peg Relocation Kit includes chrome brackets and cat
paws soft pegs.
VT No. 27-0875
27-0875 Installed
Chrome Rigid Frame Rear
Footpeg Mount Bolts to 4-
Speed transmission plate or can
be mounted behind transmission
on custom frames by fabrication
of mount strap.
VT No. 27-0632
Passenger Peg Relocation Kit offers an extra peg location
by using the unused seat mounting hole in front of strut of
1984-99 FXST. Available as Peg or Stud Conversion kit.
VT No. Item
27-1719 Clevis Kit with studs
37-8859 Stud Kit only
1994-05 Rear Peg Mount Kit includes right and left bracket.
Order pegs separately.
VT No. 27-0475