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Cats Paw Pegs. Unique soft rubber pad is an inserted cleat
isolastically mounted on chrome Allen socket bolt and yoke
stem. Vibration is reduced. Sold in pairs, matching shifter sold
VT No. Type
27-1581 Large driver female end 1952-90 FX
27-0042 Mount. Yoke for above, female
27-1586 Large Driver, male, 82-up FXR
27-1717 As Above, 1" Extended
27-0041 Male Yokes for Above Pegs
27-1582 Passenger, Rear, 73-up FX-FXST-FXWG,
Front 1981-up male end, stock type Hi-way Pegs
27-1627 Peg Set as Above Pegs 1" Extended
27-0041 Stock size Mount Yokes for Above, male
27-1643 1" Extended Male Yokes, Above
27-1646 Kicker Pedal
" Female type for custom Hi-way Pegs
27-1623 As above, Clamp-on set
" Female Yokes Only for above Peg
27-1699 3/8 x 24 Stud Mount Peg Set
27-1700 1/2 x 20 Stud Mount Peg Set
21-2025 Shifter Peg Complete
21-1665 Shift Peg 1" longer
28-2008 27-1581 1586, Rubber only 8 piece
28-2009 27-1582 1583, Rubber only 8 piece
28-2018 21-2025, Rubber only 3 piece
Large Cats Paw Pegs available with
flush mounts for for-
ward controls and kicker pedal.
VT No. Type
27-1646 Kicker Pedal
27-1647 Flush Mount
Cats Paw Pegs
Mega Pegs feature molded rub-
ber inserts in a chrome die cast
metal peg. Units feature
adjustable angle position which
is accomplished through a center
allen screw.
VT No. Type
27-1234 Female Driver
27-1232 Male Driver
27-1233 Universal
" Square
Mega Pegs
Chrome End Foam Soft Touch Pegs are die-cast, fully
chromed 1-piece peg sets. Soft covers are smooth-finished in
" closed-cell black foam.
VT No. Item
27-1229 Driver Pegs, Large Diameter
1952-up XL-FX
27-1584* 1981-up Driver FXR, Large
27-1230 Passenger Peg 1973-up XL-FX
1984-up FXST Front &Rear
*Note: May also be used as passenger pegs or hi-way bars
on FX-XL-FXR models