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Diamond Insert Footpeg Sets feature rubber inlaid insert in
chrome body of peg and shaft.
VT No. Type
27-0553 Male Passenger
27-0554 Female Driver
27-0555 Hiway Bar Peg 5/8"
27-0556 Male Driver
17-0337 Kicker Pedal
21-0260 Shifter Peg
Flame Footpegs feature smooth black rubber which accents
the chrome flame pattern. The rubber relief allows foot grip at
VT No. Fits
27-0558 Models w/male mount style footpeg
27-0559 Shifter Peg
27-0560 Heel Rest Kit
23-0466 1984-up FXST, 1996-up FXDWG Brake
28-0761 1980-up FLT, 1986-up FLST Brake Pedal
Comfort Pegs
Chrome Billet Diamond Plate Footpegs.
27-0075 33937-03 Shifter Peg
27-0076 50506-03 Male Peg Set
27-0077 34684-03 Driver Heel Rest Kit
27-0078 42693-03 Brake Pedal Pad
27-0079 42696-03 Small Brake Pedal Pad
27-0558 Installed
27-0560 Installed
27-0761 Installed