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Blue Streak Wire Sets
Blue Streak XXX
Silicone 8mm Wire
Sets offer maximum
RFI suppression.
Copper core wire
sets are for point
type ignition sys-
tems only and fea-
ture a copper core
wire to allow for spe-
cial improved electri-
cal conductivity and
mechanical strength. All wire sets are supplied with electrical
boots and OEM style terminals that lock onto the spark plug.
Copper Core Sets
VT No. Fits
32-0250 1958-69 XL/XLCH w/Magneto
32-0251 1971-78 XLH/XLCH
VT No. XXX Silicon Sets
32-0253 Universal Application Self Make Kit 32095-98
32-0257 1986-up XL
32-0261 1998-up 4 Plug XL 1200S
8 mm
8 mm
Universal 8mm Pro Spark Plug Kits feature
24" wire leads with either 90° or 180° molded
plug boots and straight coil boots with brass ter-
minals. Wires feature the Spiro-Pro design
which provides 10 times the firepower of carbon core wires
and heat protection to 600F. Works with electronic or points
style ignition. All wires have a resistance factor of 350 ohm/ft.
Great for magnetos, distributors or dual plug heads.
90° Kits Color
32-6081 Black
32-6181 White
32-6481 Yellow
32-6681 Blue
32-6381 Purple
32-6085 Black (180° Kit)
Sumax 10.4 mm Thunder Volt 50 Black Wire Sets feature a
ferrite spiral wound coated core that is a blend of copper/nick-
el alloy bonded by a conductive acrylic latex cover. This
process is designed to reinforce and assist in holding core
resistance to 50 ohms. The fat 10.4 mm (.409") wires also fea-
ture three layers of pure zimplex silicone, 600 degrees of heat
protection, 102,000 volts dielectric strength with a tightly
woven heat treated fiberglass braid and black pro boots bond-
ed to the black with gold lettering wires.
VT No. Fits
32-0033 1986-2003 XL
32-2032 2004-up XL
32-5608 24" Universal (2 pc) with 90° boots
Sumax by Taylor Colored 8 mm Plug Wires are pre-cut and
have the plug/coil boots and terminals already installed.
Designed for electronic ignition, but work great on point types.
Color 1986-03 2004-up
Purple —
Wire Sets
Splitfire Dual Mag Black 7mm Wire Sets
incorporates two premium magnetic sup-
pression core conductors, which are protect-
ed by a layer of braided fiberglass and a
100% pure silicone outer jacket.
VT No. Fits
32-2086 1985-98
32-2945 Universal 48" length with
spark plug boot at each end
42" Accel 8.8 Wire Sets have the ends terminated with a 90°
or a variangle boot and come with a hardware kit which
includes terminals, boots and instructions.
VT No. Color
32-9248 Black
32-9252 Yellow
32-9253 Yellow
32-9250 Black
32-9254 Yellow
32-7536 Yellow
Accel 8.8mm Custom-Fit Ignition Wire Sets are available in
300+ or custom fit.
Custom Fit
Yellow Black Type/Fits
32-9101 32-0656 32-8044 L1979-85 XL, XLCH-XLX,
L1979-82 XLS
32-9101 32-0655 32-8046 1971-E78 XLH-XLCH
32-9102 32-0659 32-8047 1958-69 XL-XLCH with Magneto
32-9105 32-7535 32-8050 1986-up all XL’s
8mm V-Twin Wire Set
1971-83 XL-XLCH
Universal 7 mm Wire Sets are 40" long with double 90° spark
boots. Simply cut to the desired length and install coil terminal
clips supplied. Available in copper or suppression core.
VT No. Color
32-0647 Yellow
32-0648 Yellow
32-0650 Orange Copper
32-0651 Black
32-0696 Black
Stainless Braided Wire Sets.
VT No, Fits
32-0663 65-85 XL
32-0664 65-70 XL Mag