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Speedo Drive Units include housing
and gear as replacement, for trans-
mission drive. 11 Teeth for 1952-72.
VT No. 8900-1
Block Off Plate for Speedometer Drive Hole
Plug fits 1952-72.
VT No. 2057-2
Speedometer Drive Units fit front wheel only, have .750 axle
hole, for right and left side as noted, spacer length note. (A)
Overall (B) Spacer length.
Spacer Length Fits
36-0800 67127-73 .268
All 1973-83
36-2526 Chrome .268
As Above
36-0802 67127-84A .361
1984-94 XL
Speedometer Drive
Choke Cable Assemblies for years listed.
VT No. # OEM
36-0989 D Kit
1967-70 XL
36-0946 D Kit
1972-79 XLH-XLCH
36-2555 D 29229-88C 1988-up XL
36-0987 C 29220-67 1967-70 XL
36-0988 C 29220-72 1972-78 XL
29219-78 1979-E80
36-2391 B 29216-72 1972-78 XL
36-0994 A 29214-67 1971-84 XL Knob Black plastic
Chrome Choke Knob fits 1989-up CV
model carbs.
VT No. 36-0551
Chrome Speedometer Drive Cover fits per-
fectly over the existing drive units. Fits 1987-95
with 39mm Forks.
VT No. 42-0434
Choke Cables
Speedometer Sending Unit Wrench features a shortened
3/16" ball end hex bit for removal or installation of hex screw
used on all models equipped with electronic sending units.
VT No. 16-6738
Choke Knob Insert polish stainless, pack of 5.
Fits 1989-up.
VT No. 36-0555
Chrome Choke Knob fits stock cables with
1 0
" thread.
VT No. 36-0562
1995-up XL Electronic Speedo Sending
Unit replaces 74402-95B.
VT No. 17-0589
Speedometer Cable and Cable Mount for front wheel drive
models 1973-95. 5 packs.
31-0149 38623-68 Chrome Bracket
28-1998 66996-85 Cable Boot
Billet Speedo Sensor Block Off
includes screw & O-ring.
VT No. 17-0592
Programmable Transmission
Speedometer Sensor is a fully
adjustable sensor assembly for all 5 & 6
Speed transmissions with electronic drive
speedometer. Allows fast and accurate
adjustments for any tire size, pulley on
gear ratio change.
VT No. 36-0150
Speedometer Calibrator Corrects readings of stock electronic
speedometers when using oversized rear tires or when other
drive train modifications have been done that effect final drive
ratio. Use on all Big Twins.
VT No. Brand