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Solid Pushrod Kits include 4 alloy
pushrods and adapters to convert stock
hydraulic lifters to solid. Fits 1986-up 883-
1200 Sportster.
VT No. Years
11-9547 1986-90
11-9538 1991-2003
11-1964 2004-up
Sifton Pushrod Sets are
constructed of aluminum
alloy with heat treated
steel ends. Fits 1957-85.
Sifton Colony
Tapered Adjustable
Pushrods are manufactured
from 4130 steel with hardened
adjusters and ball ends.
Designed to be installed with-
out removing gas tank or
camshaft cover. Set of four for solid or hydraulic lifter.
VT No. Year
11-9703 1984-90
11-0574* 1991-up
*Note: Requires the use of VT No. 11-0935 pushrod covers.
Crane Adjustable Pushrods
made from 3/8" aircraft grade
seamless 4130 chromemoly
steel tubing and heat treated to
128,000 psi tensile strength for
a stronger and lighter than stock
pushrod. Style adjuster helps
minimize the effects of poor
pushrod geometry found in
stock pushrods, 3/8" diameter eliminates pushrod rub" com-
pletely. Set contains 2 intake and exhaust pushrods. These are
not time saver type. 1991-up.
VT No. 7132-65
Sifton Quick Install
Pushrod Sets are
designed to be installed
without removal of rocker
boxes or cylinder heads.
Precision made from 4130
chromemoly tubing.
VT No. Years
11-9546 1986-90
11-9544 1991-up
Andrews Pushrods
available in chrome
moly steel or aluminum,
adjustable of fixed type
as noted. All are stock
diameter, so there is no
cover interference.
VT No. Andrews Fits
11-9867 292020 1986-90 Adjustable Aluminum
11-9868 292909 1986-90 Adjustable Moly
11-9869 292025 1991-up Fixed Aluminum
11-9870 292095 1991-up Fixed Moly
11-9952 292030 1991-up Adjustable Aluminum
11-9953 292085 1991-up Adjustable Moly
11-9874 292040 1957-85 Fixed Moly
11-9876 292060 1957-85 Fixed Aluminum
Stock Solid Alloy
Lifter Kit includes lifters
with adjuster screw,
pushrods and lifter
blocks. Fits 1957-84.
VT No. 11-0588
Sifton Tappet Kits include roller tappets and adjustable
pushrod set. on hydraulic types.
VT No.
10-0821 1957-85 Solid
10-0822 1986-90 Hydraulic
10-0823 1986-90 Solid
10-0817 1991-99 Hydraulic
10-0818 2000-up Hydraulic
Tappet Kits &
Pushrod Sets
Sifton Taper-Rod Pushrod Set is constructed of chrome-moly
extruded tapered tubing fits 1991-up XLs. Order Andrews Cam
Set separately.
VT No. Item
11-9544 Pushrod Set 1991-up
10-8160* Cam Set
10-8165* Cam Set
10-8128* Cam Set
*Note: Modified 1200s to 80" and/or high comp. pistons. Stock
springs and hydraulic lifters recommended. RPM range: 2500-