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Modules for XL
Compu-Fire Plug In Performance
Ignition Module features programmable
advance curve, RPM limit, Single Fire or
Dual Fire operation, Accu-Ray Timing light
which simplifies installation and two selec-
table levels of VOES control. Fits 1996-97
8 pin Deutch style.
VT No. 32-2503
Note: Each module has two pigtails and plug connector. White
lead goes to tach, red lead goes to the second coil for single
fire operation.
Replacement Ignition Modules bolt-on
Harness 32-
9014 required
as noted.
32-9015 32399-84A 1980-82 XL
32-9017 32410-91A 1986-93 XL 883, 1986-87 XL 1100
32-9018 32432-91A 1988-90 XL 1200
32-0507 32465-98 1998-up XL 1200 Custom
32-0508 32466-98 1998-up XL 1200, 883
32-9014 32408-90A Harness for installing the above
modules on pre-1990 except
1980-82 XL
Vacuum Switch Assembly
32-9079 26557-83 83-85 XL-XLS-XLX
32-9080 26558-84 1986-93 All XL
32-9158 26558-94 1994-up XL
Mallory Unilite Distributor includes gear.
Features 12 volt electronic performance. Dual fire
type. No external box required. Electronic ignition
module fits inside distributor. Adjustable advance
limit, using 13-0228 spring kit pre1970, Use with
low resistance coils as low as 2 ohms for greater
spark energy. No points to adjust or replace. Use larger spark
plug gaps up to .040. Billet aluminum housing. Top may be
removed without removal of front cylinder head.
VT No. Item
32-0174 Mallory Distributor XL
32-5119 Mallory Ignition Plate
13-0228 Spring Kit allows 14 different advance
curve settings fits 1952-70 XL
32-7792 Dyna Coil
3 Ohm
Chrome Auto Advance Distributors are
completely assembled with gear and all
internal parts. The XLH type fits 1952-70
Sportster models and requires VT No. 31-
3966 hold down.
32-7558 32506-70 1952-70 XLH
42-0300 32589-65 1965-70
Top Only
31-3966 32515-66 1952-70 XL
07-up XL Power Commander III
USB Engine Management
Systems for Fuel Injected Models.
Allows for both fuel and ignition
adjustments. Each unit includes a
specific map, designed to improve
performance over stock. The
Power Commander includes an
IBM compatible link cable and software package which allows
you to fully map the fuel ignition curves on an IBM compatible
computers. If a computer is not available, the fuel curves can be
adjusted by using three touch buttons on the face plate.
VT No. Fits
32-3028 XL 1200
32-3029 XL 883
S&S Spark Technology Ignition
System features an ECU module
that will automatically adjust igni-
tion timing. When detonation is
detected by knock sensor, the
ECU retards the ignition timing to
prevent engine damage. When detonation is not present, igni-
tion timing is advanced for maximum power and economy.
Additional features include: Simple installation--plugs into stock
harness, No timing adjustments, 7000 RPM rev limiter, single
fire operation, automatic dwell adjust, short circuit and reverse
polarity protected.
VT No. Fits
32-1013 Module
Installation Kit
32-1049 1986-03
32-7806 2004-up
Vance & Hines Fuel Pak. A throttle
position sensor based system that sim-
plifies the process of fuel injection tun-
ing. Enables you to fine tune the fuel
mixture throughout the entire RPM
range. No computer or software is
required. Simply punch in the values
supplied with the fuel pak. Requires use of high performance
air cleaner. Fits 2007-up XL. VT No. 32-0293
Accel Electronic Advance Distributor
with rev limiting for 1952-70 Sportster
models. Features adjustable electronic
advance curves, single on dual fire
modes and CNC machined billet hous-
ing. Use with a 3 ohm coil.
VT No. 32-7804
Dyna Tek FI Controller is a plug module that
offer 3 user selectable base fuel curves that
are designed to improve engine operation and
can be modified to suit a wide variety of modifi-
cations. Fuel mixture can be enriched or
leaned as required. The Dyna FI controller uses the factory con-
nectors for easy installation and there is no PC required for tun-
ing or adjusting the fuel curves. There are no modifications
required to the stock ECU and removing the Dyna FI controller
returns the vehicle to the factory configuration.
VT No. Fits
32-3035 2007-up XL 883
32-3036 2007-up XL 1200