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Head Bolts and Hardware Kits for 1986-up XL Models for one
VT No. # OEM
Hardware Kit (Includes D, E and G)
37-8990 E 16478-85A Head bolt, Chrome, 8 pk
F 16480-85A Screw set 1986-92 XL
2011-8 E As Above Colony
2012-8 E 16478-85A Head Bolt Chrome, 8 pk
F 16480-92 Screw Set 1993-up XL
9507-8 G 16832-86A Colony Stud Ev, 1986-up XL
37-9260 G As Above Sifton
37-8935 H 16573-83 Insert, 8 pk
12-1187 I 16715-83 Ex. Stud, 5 pk
14-0516 J 26432-76 O Ring, 10 pk
37-9075 D 16482-85 Washer L1985-92, Zinc, 4 pk
2018-8 D As Above Colony Zinc, 8 pc
37-9265 D As Above Chrome, 8 pc
2017-8 D As Above Chrome, 8 pc
for One Head
Edelbrock 1200" Performer RPM Power Package for 1991-
2003 XL models includes all of the necessary components to
upgrade your existing 883 or 1200 Sportster. The kit includes
black finish assembled cylinder heads, .590 lift cams, 10.3:1
compression pistons, adjustable pushrods and gasket set. Also
available as head set only.
VT No. Item
10-0877 Head Complete Set
11-0851 Head Set Only
Black Stock Style Heads
include seats and guides
installed. OE brand.1986-2003
1200cc XL Heads
10-0060 16688-90A Front
10-0061 16698-90A Rear
Chrome 12 Point Head Bolt Set
includes 8 washers and 8 head
bolts for 1986-99 models.
VT No. Finish
37-9019 Chrome
37-8141 Zinc
Heads and Hardware
Head Bolts, Head Nut and Washer Kits are the highest
quality available. Machined from high strength steel and hard-
ened to original factory specifications to prevent stretching. All
bolts feature rolled threads for superior strength and fit.
Chrome Fits
8945-16 8944-16 1957-72 Hex
9747-16 As Above Allen
9212-16 9211-16 1973-85 12 point
9748-16 As Above Allen
Head Bolt Washer Kit fits 1957-85 Sportster models.
Head Bolts
Headbolt Covers fit over 12 point
headbolts on
1973-85 XL Sportster, 1986-up
Evo 883-1100-1200 Sportster. Evo styles include 4 pieces for
left side only 1973-85 Sportster kits include 8 covers. Styles
include hex acorn or cap with a gold or chrome plated finish.
Allen wrench included.
Chrome Gold
Model Finish Style
9000-4 9001-4 1986-99 Evo Acorn
1986-99 Evo Cap
9110-9 9111-9 1973-85 XLH Acorn
1973-85 XLH Cap
Chrome Head Bolt
Covers fit 1986-
2003 XL.
VT No. Type
37-9131 Grooved
37-8799 Smooth
9001-4 installed on bike
Chrome Dome Cap Kit
37-9131 Installed
1986-up Head Bolt &
Spark Plug Covers are
die cast and chrome
plated to cover entire
head bolt area and
spark plug base. Held in
place by rubber boots
on spark plug wires. Fits 883-1200 XL models.
VT No. 42-0741