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57-80, 81-85 XL
XLH-XLCH Turnout, Tapered, SS, and Shorty Muffler Pipes
fit Sportster models from 1957-85 except 1979. Feature 1 3/4"
head pipes. When used on 1980-85 models, use our brake
pedal stop. Mount bracket included with muffler pipe sets
only. Bracket must be purchased for drag pipe application sep-
arately. These high performance muffler pipes increase power
output and produce a deep, quiet sound. 29-0124 features XLR
radius front bends.
Drag Pipes Do Not Include Brackets, When Required
VT No. Style
29-0117 Tapered Muffler
29-0118 Turn Out Muffler
29-0119 ôSS" Muffler
29-0124 XLR Shorty Muffler
" XLR Drags
" Drags 40"
30-3136 2" Drags 40"
" Goose Drags 34"
31-4052 Bracket, Black
31-4057 Bracket, Chrome
30-0082 Heatshield Set
Brake Pedal Stop required on 1980-85 XL models
when fitted with drag or custom pipe sets, to act as
pedal stop which was originally welded on stock
header pipes have a combination mounting brack-
et/brake pedal stop welded to stock header pipes.
VT No. 31-2124
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a l an d w o rkm a n sh ip , w hi ch i nc lu d e fi t t in g an d f in i sh q ua l it y a t t h e ti m e o f i ns t al la t io n o n ly. C l ai m s re g a rd in g
d i sco l or at i on , p e el in g b li st e rin g o r b lu e d ch ro me w i ll no t b e co n si de re d a s d e fe c ti ve m at e ri a l o r w o rk ma n sh i p
a n d ca n no t b e re t ur n ed a s s u ch a s p e r m an u fa c t ur er s w a rra n ty.
VT No. 29-0119
ôSS" Style Muffler
Pipes features
removable baf-
VT No. 29-0117
Tapered Style
VT No. 30-3121
" Drags 40"
Brackets to fit Cycle Shack Brand Pipes.
VT No. Mfg # Type
31-4052 BK-4 Cycle Shack PHD-112 series and
PHD-117 series muffler pipes &
PHD-110 & PHD-210 drag pipes for
Sportster produced with adjustable
channel mount
31-4057 BK-4 As Above, chrome
Black Support Tube to mount
drag pipes or stock muffler sys-
tem for 1958-79 XL-XLH models.
Replaces 65316-65B.
VT No.31-4029
Chrome Stock Rear
Exhaust Bracket fits 1980-
VT No. 31-0418
1979 Only Muffler Pipes.
VT No. Style
29-0113 Tapered Muffler
29-0115 ôSS" Muffler
29-0116 Shorty Muffler
30-3106 1 3/4" Drags with channels
30-3107 1 3/4" Drags
30-3132 1 3/4" Goose Drags
31-4052 Bracket, Black
31-4057 Bracket, Chrome
Note: Drag Pipes do not include brackets. VT No. 30-3107 and
30-3132 use VT No. 31-2101 mounting clamps. VT No. 30-
3106 uses 31-9994 mounting bracket.
VT No. 29-0113 1979 Only
Tapered Muffler Pipes
1979 Only Pipes
VT No. 30-3131
" Goose
Drags 34"
VT No. 29-0118
Turnout Mufflers