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Chrome Air Cleaner Suppor t Brackets are used for
installing custom round or teardrop air cleaners.
VT No. Fits
34-0204 1966-85 S&S XL
34-0201 1957-85 Sportster
31-3941 1985-90 Evo XL
S&S Air Cleaner Support Brackets fit 1
" Super ‘B’ carbs.
VT No. Fits
34-0204 1975-85 XL’s
31-9918 All Adjustable type
Chrome Air Cleaner Support Brackets fit 1982-84 XL.
Mounts air cleaner to cylinder head.
VT No. 34-0203
Chrome Air Cleaner Bracket for
Evolution mounts to boss on engine
heads to support custom air cleaners.
VT No. Year
31-4042 1985-87
31-3961 1988-90
31-0751* 1991-up
*Note: To be used with breather kit or
40-0453 breather buttons.
Chrome Breather and Bracket Set
includes chrome bracket and miniature
breather buttons to attach bracket to
heads, and to allow mounting of cus-
tom air cleaner to CV carb. Fits 1991-
up XL.
VT No. 34-0851
Air Cleaner Mount Gaskets, 10 pk
James VT No. OEM
15-1146 15-0148 29058-77 1977-89
15-1016 — As Above .062 thick
15-1017 15-0285 29059-88 1988-up CV type
15-1147 — As Above Steel Core
15-1148 — As Above Adhesive Coated
15-0596 — 29095-95 1995-00 EFI
15-1527 28583-01A 01-up EFI
15-1199 — 29062-95B 1995-up Carb
15-1149 — 29313-95 1995-up AC
17-0948 Lock Tab 1983-85 Big Twin
Breather and
Bracket Kit fits CV
Carburetors to allow
use of aftermarket
air cleaners on mod-
els with cylinder
breather systems.
Order air cleaner
separately. Fits
1991-up XL.
VT No. 35-0121
Carb Support Bracket replaces 27433-57. Zinc plat-
ed. Fits 1957-67.
VT No. 31-0463
Sifton Braided Hose
Crankcase Breather Kit
" I.D. stainless
steel braided hose attached.
Includes breather filter (with
mounting stud), 24" hose,
hardware and instructions.
Air cleaner and carb support
bracket must be purchased
separately. Fits 1991-up XL
custom applications only.
VT No. Item
40-0570 Breather
35-0126 Bolt Kit
31-0751 Support Bracket
Air Cleaner Breather Manifold
Kits for fit custom air cleaners
to motors with the internal
breathing system. Kit includes
chrome breather manifold,
chrome banjo bolts, chrome air
cleaner support brackets, gas-
kets and instructions. Fits air
cleaner noted.
Air Cleaner
31-0431 29281-91T Teardrop
35-0671 Tube Only
3 5- 01 2 6
V-Charger Air Cleaner Assembly fits 1991-up XL, featuring
integral breather built into bracket with hardware and filter
VT No. 34-0636
Air Cleaner Brackets
Breather &
Bracket Kit
Bolt On Kit!