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Alternator Rotor by Volt Tech features
vibration proof magnet construction, as
magnets are held in place by a stainless
steel non-magnetic insert for durability.
Unit includes sprocket. OE type has stock
type magnets.
VT No. Type Teeth Year
32-9099 VT 35
32-9086 OE 35
32-0186 OE 38
32-0024 VT 38
32-0030 VT 34
Alternator Rotor Clutch Shell Assembly
feature vibration proof magnet construc-
tion, as magnets are held in place by
stainless steel non-magnetic insert for
durability. Replaces 36791-84. Fits 1984-
90. Bearing and ring gear included.
VT No. 18-8324
Stators replace stock units for models listed in molded or unmolded type.
VT No. Brand Type
1985-89 XL, Replaces 29967-84A, 19 Amp
32-7566 Volt Tech Unmolded
32-9043 Accel Unmolded
32-9044 Accel Molded
1990-up XL, Replaces 29967-89A, 22 Amp
32-9230 Volt Tech Unmolded
32-9046 Accel Unmolded
Back Side of 32-9099
1991-up XL Stator Wire Clip
includes 2 screws to secure
wire through case on 1991-up
VT No. 32-0187
Volt-Tech 1991-up
Charging System for XL
models. Complete kits
include rotor, stator, regula-
tor and all hardware neces-
sary for complete installa-
VT No. Year
32-0471 1991-93 35
32-0472 1994-03 35
32-0023 2004-up 38
32-0025 2004-up 34
Charging System fits
1984-90 XL models with
alternator in clutch
drum. Kit includes alter-
nator rotor clutch shell
assembly with bearing
and ring gear installed,
which features vibration
proof magnet construc-
tion, as magnets are
held in place by stain-
less steel non-magnetic
insert, stator and
chrome regulator.
VT No. 32-0473
All Electrical Components sold as individual pieces or in kits are covered under our warranty “Replacement
Provision. All electrical related item part numbers begin with a 32 prefix. No credit will be issued for
these items as they are exchange only.
Charging System
Charging System Kit for XL’s developed by V-Twin in 1995