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New Era Air Cleaners Assembly Kit includes complete
chrome air cleaner, mounting bracket and breather kit to fit
stock Keihin carburetors.
VT No. Fits
Carb Type
34-0839 1991-up XL CV
34-0803 1991-up XL CV
34-0811 1988-90 XL CV
34-0814 1985-87 XL Butterfly
34-0835 1988-90 XL Butterfly
Chrome Air Cleaners. New Era, B, C, and Round A styles.
Includes chrome cover, element and backing plate. Round
type is 7" with center screw. Order the brackets separately.
Bendix Keihin CV Type
Pre 1988
1988-up # Finish
34-0550 A Chrome
34-0549 A Gold inlay
34-0555 A Chrome cover only
34-0560 A Gold inlay cover only
B Chrome
34-1095 C Chrome smooth
34-0977 B, C Element only
34-0905 A Element only fits A
34-1095 Installed
Air Cleaner
7" Air Cleaner with center
screw available with cover
to fit Bendix, Tillotson,
Keihin & CV Carbs, fea-
tures breather tube, back-
ing plate and foam element,
3" thick.
VT No. # Item
34-0505 A Bendix-Keihin 3 bolt
34-0547 B Bendix-Keihin 3 bolt
34-0554 B CV 1988-90 XL, CV, with mount brackets
34-1032 B CV 1988-up XL, Ev without mount brackets
Bendix Backing Plate Only
CV Backing Plate Only
Unifilter foam filter
V-Twin Foam Filter
7" Smooth Air Cleaner Cover
7" V-Logo Air Cleaner Cover
Mount Kit
Original Style Oval Chrome
Air Cleaner includes element,
cover, screws and backing
plate, fits 1965-up Bendix and
Keihin carbs only.
Complete Assembly, Bendix
Complete Assembly, Keihin
34-0900 29036-72 Element
34-0559 29084-73 Cover only
34-0568 29029-66 Backing Plate only, Bendix
34-0930 29009-86 Backing Plate only, Keihin
8212-3 2402W
Cover Screws Chrome
Oval Air Cleaner Inserts fits 1986-03 XL models.
VT No. Type
34-0432 Black
Big Sucker Air Cleaner
Assembly bolts on to
1991-up XLs with internal
breather bolts included.
VT No. 34-0101