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Tune-A-Cam Kit includes easy to read
degree wheel dial indicator, T.D.C. locator,
lightweight checking springs and packed
in a plastic case. Also checks cam or
crank end play, shaft and gear run out.
VT No. 16-0970
S&S Degree Wheel Kit designed to fit the
sprocket shaft of any Big Twin or XL
model. Each kit also comes with pointer
that is held in place by center crankcase
VT No. 16-0909
Delkron Space-N-Time Tool attaches to
pinion shaft of 1970-up BT, allowing you to
set cam end play, check gear lash,
breather timing, valve timing, and 12 other
checks for blue print quality engine build-
ing. Instructions included.
VT No. 16-0714
Cam Tools
Crane Cams Installation Tool comes with easy instructions for
the mechanic to install Crane’s adjustable pushrods without
removing the gas tank or rocker covers. In all FL-FX with
adjustable pushrods, the tool makes it easy for cam changes. No
removal of pushrods, pushrod covers, tappets or tappet guides.
Tappets never have to fall out of the guides while doing cam
VT No. 16-0030
Flywheel Locking Tool
screws into timing hole and
allows holding of the crank for
top dead center. It has a hol-
low center to allow view of
timing mark.
VT No. 16-1851
Clear Timing Plugs available long optical-
ly clear type or short standard version with
or without the internal hex.
VT No. Type
16-1731 Long
16-0099 Standard
10 pack
16-0160 Standard
Acu-Time Device locks advance mecha-
nism on all 1970-78 models for accurate
static timing. Includes instructions.
VT No. 16-0161
Timer Device bolts inside
primary cover on 1970-up
Big Twin models. After
installation, only inspection
oval of outer primary has to
be removed for accurate
VT No. 16-1736
Clean Time pushes into tim-
ing hole and wipes flywheel
clean for strobe timing.
VT No. 16-0715
Spark Tester. Adjustable for all voltages,
gauge background makes spark easy to
see for accurate measure.
VT No. 16-0991
TDC Indicator is a 14mm tool that locates
top dead center of piston with heads on
engine, when degreeing camshaft.
VT No. 16-0047
Spark Plug Firing
Indicator. Captive
type spark plug fir-
ing indicator. No
need to puncture
cable. Reads flash-
es from neon bulb
to indicate plug fir-
VT No. 16-0624
Spark Plug Indexer fits
14mm plugs allows elec-
trode to be placed in prop-
er position.
VT No. Item
16-0623 Tool
16-0676 Index Washer 30
Assor ted
Rite On Timing Tool provides accuracy in
timing of up to 70 degrees before or after
TDC for all points on electronic ignition
systems used on 1970-99 Big Twins. This
tool allows one person to perform all tim-
ing from the right hand side of motorcycle
and is more accurate than static timing.
VT No. 16-6739
Oversize Plugs with Tap. Kit includes a
tap and a chrome dome head plug.
VT No. Type
7502-2 Engine Drain Plug & Tap
7503-1 Engine Drain Oversize Plug
7500-2 Timing
Tap & Plug, Acorn
7501-1 Timing
Acorn Plug, O.S.
9407-1 Timing
Tap only