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Jims Compression Release Valve Tool
use this tool for machining all Twin Cam
heads 1999-up for compression releases.
Installs on front or rear head, with or with-
out valves installed. Order threaded tap
tool and compression releases separately.
VT No. Item
16-1169 Compression Release Tool
16-1170 Threaded Tapping Tool
16-1171 Compression Release Valve, pr
60-0132 Machine Head and Install
Release Valves
Jims TC-88
Wrist Pin
Remover allows
easy removal of
wrist pins on all
VT No. 16-1276
Jims TC-88
Cylinder Torque
Plates lasered
with correct
sequence and will
also work on
Screamin' Eagle
Big Bore
VT No. 16-1287
Jims TC-88 Connecting Rod Bushing
To ol use to remove and replace wrist pin
bushing without removing connecting rods
from crankcase.
VT No. 16-1051
Jims Twin Cam Case Boring Jig used
for boring out Twin Cam Case sets to
accept 4" Bore Cylinders. This tool is
designed to be used in a heavy duty 15"
drill press. Works on TC-88 A&B Crank
VT No.16-1177
Tools for V-Rod
V-Rod Service Tools by Jims.
VT No. Tool
16-1130 Clutch Alignment
16-1667 Clutch Hub Holder
Fuel Pressure
Gauge Adapter. Tw o
adapters must be
used to check fuel
pressure on 2001
and later Softail mod-
els. Replaces 44061.
VT No. 16-1289
Gasket Locator Tool (3 Pc Set) will align
primary, cam & transmission end cover
gaskets, to prevent misalignment & oil
VT No. 16-1362
Main Drive Gear
Seal Installer
allows installation of
main drive gear oil
seal on assembled
transmission to
proper depth. The
protective sleeve
included is used for
protecting inner
bearings of main
drive for installation.
For 2006-up FXD
and 2007-up FLST.
VT No. 16-1363
Sprocket Shaft
Bearing & Seal
Installation Tool
Adapter upgrades
Jims bearing
installer tool (VT
No. 16-1353) for
work on fine-
splined Twin Cam sprocket shafts. Allows
for installation of Timken bearing (OEM#
8028) & roller bearing race assembly
(OEM#24004-03) onto the sprocket shaft.
For Dyna Glide; all 2007 BT.
VT No. 16-1364
Twin Cam 24 Tooth Crankshaft Rotating
Wrench for use on all 2006-up Big Twins
with 24T spline sprocket shaft to check
engine timing and parts clearance.
VT No. 16-9280