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Cylinder Head and Crankcase Boring
Fixture designed to simplify and reduce
the time required to prepare the
crankcase and cylinder heads for big bore
kit installations. The boring plate is made
of cast iron and is precision ground and
machined with Pan and Shovel head bolt
patterns in one end. The other end has
been finished with the cylinder base pat-
terns of Knuckles, Pans, Shovels and V2
Sportsters and Big Twins. When adapted
to boring bar it is possible to bolt the
crankcases or heads to the plate and per-
form the boring modifications necessary
for 3 5/8" bore cylinders. V2s require use
of spacers because of the extreme length
of the cylinder and head spacer, part VT
No. 16-1868. Big Twin V2ís with male style
studs require on spacer VT No. 16-1868
and one spacer VT No. 16-1869.
Note: Big Twins V2ís with female type
studs must be changed to the male type
of studs, when installing a sidewinder.
VT No. Item
16-1867 Boring Plate with screws
16-1868 3 11/16 Spacer
16-1869 7/8 Spacer
Trock Cylinder Base Lapping Plate is
constructed of cast iron and has 2 sides to
lap warped Stock Evo or 3 5/8" Cylinder
base, supplied with compound.
VT No. Item
16-0713 Plate
41-8003 Compound
S&S Evo Cylinder Torque Plate Kit simu-
lates stress conditions when boring and
honing Evo Cylinders. Machined from
chromemoly steel, fits all Big Twin 1340 and
Spor tster 883-1100-1200 cylinder, and 35/8
S&S cylinder.
VT No. 16-0928
Cylinder Torque Plate Kit by Delkron tool
fits Shovel and Evo cylinder up to 4" bore to
simulate stress condition when boring and
honing cylinders. Order studs for XL sepa-
VT No. Item
16-0929 Delkron BT
16-0940 Delkron, Studs for Ev XL
Jims Evo Case Cylinder Spigot Bore
Tool allows boring of cylinder spigot hole,
up to 3.8125" by utilizing the stock cylinder
stud holes. Use on all 1984-99 style Evo
VT No. 16-1409
Cylinder Wall Flex Hone features sili-
cone carbide globules which allow the
deglazing of cylinders 3" to 4 1/4" when
powered by a 3/8" or larger drill,180 Grit.
VT No. Bore
16-0574 4 1/4"
16-0575 3 5/8"
16-0616 3 7/16" - 3 1/2"
16-0618 3 3/16"
Evolution Cylinder Oil Passage Drain
Tubes for stock bore size cylinders only.
Each kit is supplied with tap, hex wrench
two drain tubes and instructions.
VT No. Item
16-0912 Pair Replacement Tubes only
VT No.
Tube Installed
VT No.
Cylinder Hold Down Nuts are used to
hold down cylinders during service. Allows
motor to be turned over with heads off.
Use on all Twin Cam and Evo Twins. Set
of 4.
VT No. 16-0446