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Motor and Trans Work Stands
Transmission Repair Fixture is a 4 position mount carriage in
which a retractable pin allows transmission to be positioned in
horizontal 45 right or left or full vertical. This will assist in load-
ing gear-shaft groups or kick cover assemblies. Includes tab to
affix chain for locking 4th gear main drive nut. Fits 4 or 5 speed
VT No. 16-0508
Motor Stands
VT No. Type
16-0507 1952-03 XL
16-0509 Big Twin Engine, Heavy
16-0501 Big Twin Engine, STD
16-1013 Big Twin Engine
16-0526 TC-88 Engine
16-1668 TC-88B Engine
Transmission Stands are welded steel for shop use.
VT No. Type
16-0506 4 Speed Trans, Vise Mount
16-0500 4 Speed Trans, Bench Mount
16-0504 5-Speed Rubber Mount
Trock Crankcase Repair Fixture. A pre-
cision machined cast iron fixture that
allows BT left hand crankcase o-ring seal
area to be machined out so new sealing
lip ring can be installed. Sealing ring is
manufactured from ductile iron and must
be loctited in place.
VT No. Item
16-0691 Fixture
16-0692 Sealing Ring
60-0164 Machine & Install Case
for sealing
Alternator Repair
Moto Shop Alternator Sealing Ring
Replacement Service. Ship in 1970-up left
hand case with damaged O-Ring lip and
we will machine out and replace with new
steel sealing ring.
VT No. 60-0164
Big Twin Alternator Rotor Puller uses
the two threaded holes in rotor to allow
removal of rotor.
VT No. 16-0693
Big Twin Alternator
Rotor Puller uses the
sprocket shaft end to
center and the two
threaded holes in rotor
to allow removal of
VT No. 16-1054