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Outer Primary Cover
Starter Bearing
Removal Tool
removes 9063
Torrington Needle
Bearing for Big Twin
and XL covers.
VT No. 16-0717
Note: This tool will
also remove the
35961-52 Bearing in
Countershaft Gear
(Late) 4 Speed Big
Twin, and also the 4-
Speed Sportster
Clutch Gear.
5-Speed Main Drive
Gear Seal Installer
Sets seal to proper
depth with trans
assembled. By Jims.
VT No. 16-0664
Big Twin Mainshaft Seal Remover &
Installer replaces 95660-42. Use to install
and remove main seal. This tool will push
seal in as flat and straight as possible to
.050 below housing for a no leak fit.
VT No. Years
16-1803 1936-76
Additional Drivers for Above
16-0702 1977-86
4, (2.4 O.D.)
16-0703 1979-81
16-0701 1980-84
16-0700 1985-up
Primary Locking Bars use to lock prima-
ry for servicing.
VT No. Use
16-0680 4-Speed BTs & 5-Speed FXST
16-0681 5-Speed FXR-FLT
16-0682 1991-up Sportster & Buell
5-Speed Transmission Door Remover &
Installer removes and replaces the door
bearings Saves time as the complete
transmission does not have to be dis-
mounted allowing the mainshaft and coun-
tershaft clusters to remain in place for use
when installing 5-Speed Kicker Kit.
VT No. Item/Brand
16-0756 V-Twin Door Remover &Installer
16-0663 Jims Remover Only
16-0731 Jims Installer Only
16-0672 Bearing Remover
Jims Big Twin
Primary Bearing
Race Remover &
Installer for use
on all 1984-up Big
Twins, replaces
VT No. 16-0877
Big Twin 5-Speed
Shift Pawl
Adjuster Tool Set
fits mid 1992 and
later. Includes a
tool to loosen the
jam nut on the
pawl adjuster and
the other to adjust the shifter pawl set.
Replaces 41184.
VT No. 16-0646
Jims 5-Speed Transmission Main Drive
Gear Tools. Use 16-0994 to remove and
install main drive gear and install main
bearing. Use 16-0718 for remove main
drive bearing. Both tools can be used
without removing transmission case. Use
on all 5 or 6-Speed Big Twins 1980-up.
VT No. Type
16-0994 Main Drive Gear Installer
16-0718 Main Drive Bearing Remover
Mainshaft/Drive Bearing Press Tools.
VT No. OEM Fits
16-0105 33428A 79-84 BT 4-spd Shaft
16-0036 34734 79-90 BT 5-spd Seal
16-0028 34810 1984-90 XL Drive
16-1767 37842 1991-up BT-XL Drive