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Handy Airlifts are stocked in both New York and Kansas City
warehouses. Requires full payment before shipment. We then
ship prepaid freight charges to your address. Lift uses 100lbs.
of air to operate.
Handy Motorcycle Air Lift is designed for all shops. Ideal for rais-
ing up to 1000 pounds to 31" level for working on an infinite num-
ber of products. The Handy Air Lift is powered by a rugged pneu-
matic cylinder from your air source and allows operator to set up
for up and down with automatic limit shut off. Packed in a 7" high
package, when lift is in down position, for ease of on and off load-
ing of machine. Cycle Vise wheel clamp fixture also included.
Handy Industries Table Lift
Height Down
Length Table Ramp 80"
Width Table
Handy B.O.B. Motorcycle Air Lift features drop out rear panel,
1500 capacity, foot pedal operation and a 40" max lift height.
Requires 90-100 psi of air for operation. Includes wheel vise.
VT No. Item
16-1985 Lift
16-1984 13" Front Extension
16-1983 12" Side Extension
S.A.M. 1000 Air Lift features 1000 lb lifting capacity, 84" table
length, maximum work height of 30". Drop out rear panel and
requires 90-100 PSI of air to operate. Includes wheel clamp.
VT No. Item
16-1980 S.A.M. 1000 Lift
16-1981 13" Front Extension
16-1982 Wheel Clamp
VT No. Item
16-1990 Air Lift w/Clamp
16-1991 Wheel Clamp
16-1986 13" Front Ext.
Tie Downs are 1" x 56" in length,
1600 lb strength, 2 per set. Tie downs
assist is pair of 12" black nylon straps
which acts as cinch around part of
the cycle first, then hook tie down to
the other end of the loop, to prevent
VT No. Item
48-0180 Tie Downs
48-0182 Tie Downs
48-0650 Tie Down Assist Wright
Lean-Right Service Tool is designed so that any Twin can be
leaned over on either the right or the left side by hooking tool to
bottom frame rail. Features a rubberized coating to prevent
scratching of frame.
VT No. Fits
Mini-Lift use
with table lift
to raise bike
while on table
with 3" to 12"
range 600lbs.
VT No.