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Replacement Lapheads are
sold each. For Eastern tool
Laphead Pilot# Type Fits
16-0032 1 3/4" Motor 1958-up Big Twin
16-0026 1 1/2" Motor 40-54 Big Twin
16-0025 1 3/8" Motor 54-76 Sportster
55-57 Big Twin
29-73 45"
16-0018 1.562" Motor 87-up Sportster
16-0034 1.870" Trans. 36-77 Big Twin
16-0024 1.300" Trans. Sportster
16-0022 1 5/8" Rod Big Twin XL
16-0021 1 1/2" Rod 45"
1958-up Big Twin Case Lap Tool fea-
tures a lap which is supported on both
sides by a pilot on the bushing side &
plate which locates on the case pins of
the cam cover, by Jims. Order lap & pilot
VT No. 16-0881 for 1937-E77 4-spd main
race separately.
VT No. Item
16-1835 BT Case Lap Tool
16-0893 Case Lap Head only
16-0881 4-Speed Trans. Lap & Pilot
16-0892 4-Speed Lap Head only
Lapping Tools used for precision align-
ment of engine and transmission shafts.
Engine unit replaces 96710-40 to lap right
and left crankcase races for oversized
bearings. Transmission tool insures proper
fitting of oversized rollers with mainshaft
races on BT and Sportsters. The dual-pur-
pose “Combo Lap" for both engine and
transmission is also available. Rod laps
not included.
VT No. # Use Model Years
16-0135 C Motor Big Twin 1936-up
16-0119 B Trans. Big Twin 1936-77
16-0039 A Combo C & B As Above
16-0012 All Spanner Wrench
Rod Lapping
Tool includes
arbor assembly
1.500 lap for 45",
Indian, and some
case races, 1.625 lap for Big Twin,
Sportster and K Model rods.
VT No. Item
16-0027 Rod Tool
16-0012 Spanner Wrench
Trans. Lap Head
includes pilot. For
Eastern tool only.
VT No. Size Model
16-0020 1.870 BT 74 & 80
16-0019 1.300 1957-85 Sportster
Lap Head Pilots, sold each.
For Eastern tool only.
Type Years
16-1724 96727-56 Motor 55-up BT
16-1725 96728-56 Motor 54-76 XL
16-1726 96715-40 1½ Motor 30-54 BT
16-1727 96716-40 Motor 55-57 45",
Motor 87-up XL
Rod Race Press Tool for easy installation
or extraction of rod races makes it easy to
support without bending rods for 74’s and
VT No. Brand
16-0147 V-Twin
16-1838 Jims
Jims Timken Bearing Race Installer is
used to press race in straight in left crank
case for 1969-up BT,1977-up XL’s.
VT No. 16-0668
Sifton Flywheel
Washer Tool will
“stake" washers in
1971-up BT.
VT No. 16-1785
Shaft Turning Tool fits spline or taper on
assembled motor and allows engine to be
turned over by ½" ratchet or impact driver.
Sifton unless noted.
VT No. Years Type
16-0150 1930-54 Big Twin, Taper
16-1850* 1955-06 Big Twin, Spline
16-1378* 2006-up FXD, 07-up FL, FXST
16-1852 1957-up XL, Spline
*Note: Jims
1955-up Sprocket
Shaft Hard Cap
protects shaft
when using press.
By Jims.
VT No. 16-0666
1930-54 BT Flywheel
End Play Gauge .
VT No. 16-0131
Rod Clamping Tool
allows rod to be held
for straightening or to
replace wrist pin bush-
ing. 95952-33.
VT No. 16-0029