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Motor Shop Ready Big Twin 4-
Speed Transmission
Service. Ship in
your fully assembled transmission and
we will disassemble and glass bead
case, replace mainshaft, countershaft,
thrustwashers, bearings and reassem-
ble with new hardware. All gears will
be reused unless they are damaged
and then customer will be advised of
added cost early transmission (1936-
76) will be fitted with new main drive
race and sized for correct roller. Call
shop service for RA# prior to return.
VT No. Year
60-0174 1936-76
60-0175 1977-84
Since 1969! Wheel Building Service
Select any of our hubs, a set of spokes including stainless
steel, chrome, twirled or diamond spokes and rim. We will
lace and true in our plant. The finished wheel can be shipped
in 24 hours. Complete wheel will be billed as follows: Rim,
Spokes, Hub & Labor. Service limited to components in stock.
VT No. 60-0125
Fork Leg Bushing Service .
We will remove old bushings, install and size new bushings to
Standard I.D. for new fork tubes. Service includes new bushings
and labor.
VT No.
1949-76 FL, FLH
1984-up FXST-FLT
FX Models
1952-72 FX
1984-87 FX
1988-up FX
XL Models
1952-72 XL
1984-87 XL
1988-up XL
Leg Assembly Service. We install internals and lower leg on
to fork tubes. VT No. 60-0166
Exhaust Port Replacement Service. Available for both Pan
and Shovelhead applications. Ship in old disassembled cylinder
heads and the broken or stripped exhaust ports will be
replaced with new factory style exhaust ports. Service includes
ports as shown.
VT No.
Replacement Service
Motor Shop Ready Breather
Valve Machining Service can be
performed on any 1936-99 Big
Twin Right Hand Case. Breather
hole will be honed out and fitted
with a +.030 steel breather valve. If
Breather Hole will not clean up
with oversize machining process
we also offer sleeving service
requires boring of breather hole
and then fitting with sleeve. We will
then final hone and fit with standard size breather valve. Ship
in your right hand case and we will return to you by UPS with
a turn around time of 15 working days.
O/S Service
Sleeving Service Fits