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Battery Maintenance
Super Smart Battery Tender constantly
monitors battery without the damaging
effects of a trickle charger. Initial charge
brings battery up to full charge then con-
verts to a float charger, keeps a 12 volt
battery at 13.6 volts.
VT No. Type
16-1792 12 volt
16-1793 6 volt
16-1870 12 volt, Junior Tender
16-1871 6 volt, Junior Tender
16-1794 Snap Cord
“Activator" Battery Filler attaches to any
standard acid pack tube. Positive thumb
release valve absolutely controls acid flow.
No acid spills, burns or holes in clothing.
VT No. 16-0037
Battery Hydro-meter is a great tester for
cycle batteries because of its small size.
VT No. 16-0864
Battery Tender Lightweight Chargers
(Power Tender). 6 amp features ring type
terminals without quick disconnect.
Available for standard lead/acid batteries
or sealed AGM batteries.
For Lead/Acid Batteries
VT No. Volts
16-1873 6
*Note: Also For Sealed AGM Batteries
Deka Power Sports Advanced Battery
Charging System. A 12 volt 2.0 amp
automatic battery tender for both AGM
and lead acid batteries. Features LED
indicator lights. Reverse polarity protec-
tion, spark free operation and automatic
switch to float mode.
VT No. 16-0086
Custom Battery Cable KIt includes 25’
cable, (20) 1/4" terminals, (12) 5/16" termi-
nals, (8) 3/8" terminals, 40 pc, black heat
shrink and 12pc red heat shrink. Available
with clear or black cable.
VT No. Item
32-1350 Clear Kit
32-1351 Black Kit
16-0351 Crimping Tool
Battery Booster Cable Set. 10 feet in
length. 10 gauge in size.
VT No. 16-0350
Dyna Charge Monitor.
The DCM-1 evaluates
voltage in a charging
system and indicates
whether system volt-
age is too low or high.
Unit is designed for 12
volt systems and fea-
tures LED indicators.
VT No. 32-9088
Chrome “Motor Style" Battery Tender. Charges and maintains voltage on 2 batteries
at once at .800 amp for conventional batteries or maintenance free batteries. An inter-
nal sound chip mimics the sound of a motorcycle engine starting when you connect
the charger to a battery. There is also a button to let you activate the sound.
VT No. 16-0547