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Cable Racks have epoxy finish, wall
VT No. Length
16-1519 18 x 2
16-1520 36 x 3
Cable Racks
Wheel Chock
Pingel® Wheel Chock features quick mounting and removal by sliding in and out of slotted
mount pads. Chock is a chrome steel tube. Mounting kit also available separately. The
appearance of the Wheel Chock including the cross brace is a trademark of Pingel
Enterprises. The brackets used in the Wheel Chock are patented.
VT No. Item
16-1501 Chock w/mounts, 16", 18" or 19" wheels
16-1503 Chock with mounts, 21" wheel
16-1502 Mount Kit
Original Style Factory Type Crank
Truing Machine features cast Iron
Construction. Designed to true stock style
fly wheels. 10" swing right side, 6" swing
left side, 18" maximum center to center.
Weighs over 80 pounds.
VT No. 16-1000
Flywheel Rebuilding Fixture. Allows ser-
vicing and disassembly of flywheels in a
standard shop vise. Holds unit from turn-
ing when tightening nuts, when installing
or removing sprocket and pinion shafts.
VT No. 16-1002
Crank Assembly Removal Tool is used
to press flywheels from cases, press
cases apart and break sealant bond, for
1955-up Big Twin, by Jims.
VT No. 16-1839
Spreader Tool
wheels while
truing for Big
Twins and XL’s.
VT No.
is a three
pound zinc
that lasts
longer than
a lead hammer and is still soft enough so
that it will not mar flywheels.
VT No. 16-1020
Flywheel Nut Sockets feature a low pro-
file of 1" tall to give 100% nut contact,
machined flat at nut receiving end to elimi-
nate rounding off the nut, by Jims.
VT No. Nut OEM Fits
16-1808 23967-54A 54-81 XL 1/2"
16-1809 23966-54A 54-81 BT 1/2"
16-1810 23969-83 83-up BT 1/2"
16-1813 23901-81 81-up XL 1/2"
16-0887 23901-81 81-up XL 3/4"
16-1811 24017-80 81-89 BT 1/2"
16-0886 24017-80 81-89 BT 3/4"
16-1812 24017-80 72-up BT 3/4"
Flywheel Thrustwasher Tool holds wash-
er in place while staking. Punch included.
Fits 71-up Big Twin, 79-86 XL.
VT No. 16-1785
Flywheel Tools