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Air Blaster
Standard V-Lifts include a jack which fea-
tures a foot operated pump and release
mechanism. Both units include a stay bar
to keep lift in full up position when in use.
Units are 4
" in their unextended height.
Lift top is compatible with 1936-99 Big Twin
Sportster and Dyna models require
adapters as noted.
VT No. Height Jack
16-1993 16" 4 ton
16-2008 24" 6 ton
Standard Lift Trolley allows 16" stan-
dard lift to be placed on trolley to be
“Rollerized". Unit includes (4) four 3
swivel wheels.
VT No. 16-2016
Dolly Supports Project Motorcycles
during construction
Lift Adapters fit all V-Lifts and Moto Shop
models. FXR-FXD models can be lifted
with the kickstand in the retracted position.
VT No. Fits
16-2015 FXD-FXR, 1982-98
16-2028 FXD, 1999-up
All C-G lifts are manufactured in the USA
using structural steels that exceed the lifting
requirements. The lift mechanism keeps the
motorcycle in a vertical position relative to the
lifting platform during the entire lifting range.
For the safe operation of the lifts, the manufac-
turer recommends the use of tie downs on all
models equipped with eyebolts and installation
of hairpin cotter as supplied in safety bar when
lift is in use.
Moto Shop Lift has 16" lifting height,
1200 lb capacity, jack with foot operated
pump and release mechanism, four 3"
steel swivel casters, heat treated shoulder
pivot bolts, four eye lock floor levelers, tie
down hooks and stay bar w locking device.
Locking device keeps lift in full up position.
Lift is compatible with 1936-99 Big Twin
frames. Unextended height is 4½".
VT No. Item
16-1994 Big Twin Lift
Roller Dolly
is used as a
building stand
or work sta-
tion and facili-
tates the mov-
ing of bikes or
projects out of the way. 16" tall dolly
straddles all V-lifts, Moto Jack and Moto
Shop lifts allowing 1936-99 Big Twin
(except FXR-FLT-FXD) only to be low-
ered on dolly. Dolly comes with 4
wheels, 2 swivel and 2 fixed. Includes 4
eye bolts on corners which act as floor
levelers and tie down hook posts.The
16" dolly accepts VT No. 16-1993, 16-
1994, 16-2004, 16-2008,16-2013, 16-
2003 lifts. Not compatible with adapter
VT No. 16-1995
Metro Air Force Blaster the fastest easiest way to dry a bike. Features rugged all steel con-
struction, 4.0 peak HP motor (29,000FPM), 10 foot hose and four interchangeable attach-
ments. Blows clean filtered air.
VT No. 16-1879
Jack Replacement.
16-2007 6 Ton
16-2006 4 Ton
Blaster Sidekick Dryer. A com-
pact powerful handheld dryer
that weighs approximately 3 lbs.
and includes a 12’ power cord,
rubber neoprene nozzle and air
flare attachment.
VT No. 16-1880