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FXWG-FXST Taillight Brackets are chrome plated
unless noted, taillamp required for 1980-99.
VT No. # OEM
31-0160 A 59995-80A Stock
As Above Black
31-4012 B Custom Accepts Cateye or Diamond
Chrome 1973-up License Plate Bracket Kit includes stock
style 3-hole bracket assembly, license backing plate, frame and
4 krommetts. Order taillamp and blue dot lens separately.
VT No. Item
31-0271 Plate Kit
33-0301 Taillight
33-0507 Blue Dot Lens
1980-99 FXWG-FXST
Taillight/License Plate
Bracket features a small-
er license plate area to fit
the standard 4" x 7"
plate, accepts stock tail-
VT No. Item
31-0670 B racket
33-0301 Taillamp
Taillight Brackets
Bobbed Taillight
Bracket adjusts
7.5" to 9" wide to
accept cateye or
similar taillamps.
VT No. 31-0097
Radii Style Taillight Assemblies feature LED installed.
VT No. Year Type
33-0990 1978-98 Cpt
36" wires
33-0991 1999-up Lens/LED Only 4" Wire & OE plug
Taillight/Turn Signal Ensemble features die cast one piece
lamp and signal stem assembly. For 1973-99 models
VT No. 33-0684
Lamps Listed On This Page Are For Show Or Off Road Use and not D.O.T. approved.
LED Taillamp Kit fits 1973-99 by removing stock taillamp. Will
cover existing lamp cut out.
VT No. 33-0892
Back Side 33-0892 View
LED Boards will be warranted only. No credit will be issued on any lamps or
components with the 33 prefix. Lamps will either be exchanged or repaired and
returned to the dealer.