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Solo Seats
47-0246 Cobbler
Black Stitch
47-0129* Cobbler
White Stitch
47-0230 Rolled
47-0511** Rolled
Nylon Rivet Strip (OE)
47-0247 Cobbler
47-0529 Cobbler
Army with rivet
47-0128* Cobbler
47-0509 Rolled
47-0607 Rolled
Note: this is bomber brown
47-0515 Rolled
*Note: With early seat pan without vent holes
**Note: With Nylon Web Rivet Strip (OE)
Early Leather Solo Seats by Corbin-Gentry are constructed using genuine drum dyed leather cover with padding on
an accurate steel formed and ribbed baseplate with brackets riveted in place as original. Authentic style seams are accomplished
by first riveting a leather strip to the seat pan and then form fitting the leather cover to the saddle, and finally sewing the cover to
the strip. Edge is available in either the early sanded “Cobbler Seam Style" or the “Rolled Edge" where the leather is covering the
seam between the cover and fastening strip.
Rolled Edge
Hermann Oak
Leather used in
seat construction.
A Note about our Leather Solos
There are literally over 1000 dif ferent type of seat s on the market today, but if you still want something really comfort able on long trip s the old plunger style seat s
are very hard to beat. This leather covered contoured seat fits like a glove and the plunger action will keep your ribs from dropping to your knee cap s by absorbing
those large bump s such as rail-road tracks & manhole covers.
Our leather is top grade cow hide for a long lasting appearance. A chrome p assenger rail is available for both styles. When you ask any cop, who has ridden the
freeways and highways of the USA for 30 or more years, what he misses most on his late model, he will tell you short and simple: the seat.
Note: All seats on page 1191 are P.
P= Police Solo Size.
Refer to Page 1192 for diagram