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Solos for XLs
Leather Solo Seat Kits for XL models includes K-model seat,
chrome 2" springs and mount hardware.
VT No. Item
47-0131 1952-78
47-0132 1979-81
47-0133 1982-2003
47-0134 2004-up
47-0134 shown
with 50-0246
luggage rack
Solo Hardware Mount
Kits include nose brackets,
springs and rear brackets.
Type A Kits will mount
small type solos only, such
as 47-0089. To fit police
style solos purchase cross
bar 31-0473. 2" spring. 31-
4063 includes black frame
VT No. Model Frame Cover
31-4044 1952-78
31-4045 1982-2003 42-0979
31-4063 2004-06 Included
31-0433 1979-81
Bracket Set adapts VT No. 47-0122
seats to stock frame. 1982-2003 XL.
VT No. 31-4023
31-0433 Installed
Solo Seat Mount
Hardware. This seat tee
and the weld on mount
tabs provide a substantial
mount system from K &
XL models solos. Order
pieces separately.
Bates Solo VT No. 47-8655
Shown Mounted with
31-4063 Mount Kit
Model 57 Solo Seat Kits include replica genuine leather solo
seat with complete mount kit. Replica seat is as offered on orig-
inal 1957 Sportster 50 years ago. 47-0782 includes frame
VT No. Item
47-0781 1982-03
47-0782 2004-06
31-4045 shown as
Solo Seat Mount Kits for Sportster
Swing Arm Rear Spring
Support Bar for 1952-78
only. Chrome.
VT No. 31-0501
VT No. Item
37-9114 Pivot Bolt
51-0539 Mount Tab Set
51-0539 Weld On
Mounts Shown
CH= CH Solo Seat
K= K Model Solo Seat
P= Police Solo Size